Referring to EmailBrain can give you Extra Non-expiring Credits... Go for it!
Promote EmailBrain via your blog, HTML newsletters, website, or anywhere you wish and get your reward for each referral that signs up to an EmailBrain monthly account.
All that use EmailBrain —even trial users—are welcome to join this free referral program!


EmailBrain Referral

Getting started is easy:

Log in to your Emailbrain account and find the link to our referral program on the welcome dashboard. Click on it, and then follow the simple steps required to get your unique EmailBrain referral token.

Then you can choose one of the EmailBrain badges and place it on your website, or grab the token link to share with your peers, friends and associates.

Still have questions or are not sure how to do it? Email us at

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EmailBrain Referral

How will you know how many people you have referred?

Your referrals will click on the EmailBrain badge that you placed on your website, email or elsewhere. This will take them to the EmailBrain homepage, where they can sign up to an account.

If your referral chooses to sign up to a trial account first, your reward will only become effective when they convert it to a paying account.

Referral Program Terms and Conditions:

  1. You, the Referrer, must have an EmailBrain account.
  2. The referral must have subscribed  for a paying subscription to an EmailBrain account for your reward to become effective.
  3. To be eligible, you, the Referrer, must place a "Referral Link" on your website, blog, social account, email or any other digital platform that you use in order to take others and/or website traffic to EmailBrain.
  4. Your referrals must sign up for EmailBrain by clicking on your unique "Referral Link". Your unique “Referral Link” can be found in your EmailBrain account.
  5. This "Referral Link" is how EmailBrain tracks your referrals. If your referrals come to EmailBrain other than through this "Referral Link" they can not be tracked back to your account.
  6. EmailBrain provides you with badges that contain your referral link in the code. You can call out EmailBrain with these badges or you can simply embed the referral link into your email.
  7. You, the Referrer, will receive double the sign up amount of a new, referred monthly account signup, at a maximum of $50 in Non-expiring Extra Credits, once the referred client has used and paid for the EmailBrain service for at least 3 months.
  8. You, the referrer, will receive 10,000 extra send credits, once the referred client has paid for the EmailBrain monthly plan (Refer customer must continue with Emailbrain for 2 months).
  9. Only one Referrer can claim referral of any new user. If multiple Referrers claim the same referral, EmailBrain will have sole discretion to identify the referrer for that particular referral.
  10. Any referral accounts that are cancelled by EmailBrain for any reason (including non-compliance with our usage policies) cannot remain in the program. When a referred account is cancelled by EmailBrain, the Referral Credit paid to that account will be debited from the Referrer’s account.
  11. EmailBrain reserves the right to terminate the account(s) of any referrer and / or referred customer(s).
  12. The terms and conditions of this program can be modified at any time by EmailBrain.


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