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A Few Tips on How to Make your Newsletter More Attractive

Many companies use Email Marketing to build customer relationships and keep their business updated with the audience. One of the most important aspect of a newsletter is that it’s  viewable and attractive, so we are providing a few steps to make your email newsletter visually engaging:

Stick to Classic Fonts
When selecting fonts for your newsletter, the main priority is eligibility. Stick with basic fonts like Times New Roman and Arial.

Use Pictures
A nice designed newsletter/email should have a good balance of text and images. When a client  opens your email, they instantly see your images.

Let your Logo Dictate Color Scheme
To be visually appealing, your newsletter needs a color scheme. Since your logo is part of your header, consider using those colors throughout your email.

If you’re using a  template from Emailbrain you’ll be able to select a layout and add content to it.


Monthly Newsletter - February 2016

Monthly Newsletter - February 2016

In Emailbrain our priority is to have you, our clients, happy and satisfied. In order to achieve this, we need to give you the right tools so that the creation and sends of your Email Marketing Campaigns are easy and very productive. For this reason, we have created these products and services, so that you feel satisfied when using Emailbrain.
To see the complete information click here.
Monthly Tip

Always write an appealing subject line to increase your open rate. Writing the correct subject line is a very important element of your communication strategy that you shouldn’t leave until deadlines are looming.

These first few characters are the doorstep to your emailing success; since it’s all you have to entice readers to open your message. Since a subject line should distill the essence of an email, consider writing it first, as this will help keep your content from straying off topic.

Responsive Templates
A great amount of emails are opened on a mobile device first. For this reason, you need to make your email marketing newsletter suitable to be seen perfect in mobile devices.

By this being said you need to make sure that your newsletters are always seen correctly in all type of email providers in mobile devices and that you are using responsive templates.

In Emailbrain, if you use our responsive templates, we can assure you that they will arrive perfect in your customer’s mobile device.
Prevent Being Marked as SPAM
Here a list of things you can do to prevent your emails
from getting marked as SPAM:

1. Only send email marketing messages to people who explicitly requested it

2. Don’t buy email addresses, as these people are not expecting email from you.

3. Ensure your sign-up forms and pages let subscribers make an informed and a clear choice to join a list and explain what kind of emails they can expect.

4. Don’t wait too long to send out your first email (no more than 2 weeks after a subscriber signs up to your list) and make sure new subscribers always get an immediate welcome message.

5. Don’t leave more than a few weeks between any sends thereafter.



More Options for you in Emailbrain

In Emailbrain our priority is to have you, our clients, happy and satisfied. In order to achieve this, we need to give you the right tools so that the creation and sends of your Email Marketing Campaigns are easy and very productive. For this reason, we have created these products and services, so that you feel satisfied when using Emailbrain.

1. Footer

The branding effect of the Emailbrain footer allows us to minimize our advertising expenses and therefore maintain our low price structure.

However, for just $30 monthly or $130 every 6 months you can brand the 'powered by' footer with your own company's logo.

Change the footer button designs and set the URL of the 'powered by' link.

2. Additional Mailing Lists
You can always segment your lists as much as you need. Emailbrain gives you 20 mailing lists at no cost, and you can purchase additional allotments of 20 mailing lists to better help you classify your target audience.

Each list has a cost of $1.00 and they come in packages of 20 mailing lists.

3. Non–Expiring Extra Credits

Have you used all your monthly credits? Don't worry; you can purchase Non-Expiring Extra Credits whenever you need them. They rollover, and can be used at any time as long as your periodic membership is active.

Extra Credits USD$

5,000 $ 29.95
10,000 $ 49.95
20,000 $ 79.95
50,000 $ 149.95
100,000 $ 249.95
200,000 $ 449.95
400,000 $ 839.95

4. SMS/ Text Messages Credits
All plans allow for pay as you go SMS. All that is necessary is a standard periodic account. SMS USD$ 100 $10.95 1000 $99.95 5000 $474.95 10000 $899.95 30000 $2399.95
5. List Clean Up
List Clean Up removes bounced emails before you send and improves your inbox placement. We remove invalid email addresses from your list and give you a report of which addresses are likely to engage with your sends.

Pricing Per Contact
0001 - 100K @ $2.00 per 1000
100K - 500K @ $1.80 per 1000
500K - 1000K @ $1.50 per 1000
Over 1M - Call

6. Additional Storage Space
Additional storage space will be allocated to your account in order to upload more files and images.

50 MB Storage space for $5 per month.
100 MB Storage space for $10 per month.

7. Reseller/Corporate
Plan If you have a monthly or a bi-annual plan and would like to be part of our resellers or corporate clients, we have the perfect plan for you. As a corporate/reseller user, you may have up to 100 sub-accounts and receive a 20% discount on the purchase of extra credits. Each sub-user will have their own username and password, and will be able to work from their subaccount.You can decide to give them access to all the features of the account or only partial access. . For more information on reseller plans click here.

For more information on Corporate plans click here.

For Reseller and Corporate plans we have two more products: Header Replacement: The header is the logo that is located at the top left hand side corner when you and your sub-accounts log in. For just $30 monthly, or $130 every 6 months brand the header for your main Reseller account which applies to every single one of your sub-accounts.
 Mask URL:
Every URL visible for your sub-accounts that show our URL ( will be replaced with your website's URL with this option.

For just $30 monthly, or $130 every 6 months mask our URL with yours. Your sub-accounts will login from your website. We will provide you a login to place on your website, so your clients have the ability to access your email application through your own private gateway

1. Quick Setup
Want us to set up your email marketing account and provide some training?
· We'll upload your mailing list and dataset
· Set up your subscription form with logo and colors
· Provide provide ½ hour training

Estimated time: 1 – 2 working days - Cost: One-time payment of $79.95
2. Jump Start
We will:
· Personalize one of Emailbrain's templates with your company's logo, images, and text (Template from our template library) · Upload your initial mailing list for you. · Customize your subscription form with your company's information and logo.

Estimated Time: 1-3 business days Cost: One-time payment of $99.50
3. Monthly Managed
Want us to manage your email account on a monthly basis? We will update the following: · Your newsletter with your content and images. · Your mailing list and/or segregate them. · Your database.

Estimated time: 1 – 3 working days - Cost: $75.50 per month
4. Premium
· Personalize one of Emailbrain's templates with your company's logo, images, and text (Template from our template library).
· Upload and update your mailing lists.
· Update or classify your database.
· Personalize your emails. · Customize your subscription form with your company's information and logo.
· You will receive a 30 minute training by one of our specialized customer care specialist.

Estimated Time: 5 business days - Cost: One-time payment of $350
5. Personalized help
Excellent for new customers, take advantage of a one on one session with one of our customer representatives to help you kickstart the process of your first campaign. These sessions can cover the customizing of your subscription form, the uploading of your mailing list and editor basics.

Cost: $35 dollars for 30 minutes.
6. Template Conversion
Not HTML Savvy? Let us do the work for you, and convert your original design, or PDF into an editable HTML newsletter.

Cost: $150.00

7. Personalized Template
Not all organizations have a marketing department that can whip up a snappy looking design for their email communications. Let our designers create one for you.

Why have a traditional campaign when we can create an effective email campaign, with an attractive design that will draw the attention of your customers? Not only will one of our professional designers make you stand among your competitors but also you will be maximizing your brand potential to its fullest extent.

Note: Tables can be arranged to your liking or need and the template is fully editable. All logos, images and text to be used in the template must be provided by you in order to comply with copyright laws.

Estimated Time of Creation: 2-5 business days

We have three options for you.
A. Template with 3 tables

Would you want to send out a sweet short message to your customers?

Our 3 table custom template can be used just for that.

Cost: $99.00

B. Template with 4-5 tables

Looking for a unique style?

Our 4-5 table template will be perfect to create a campaign with the look and feel of your company but with a competitive edge to target your customers or market niche.

Cost: $150.00

C. Template with more than 6 tables
Full of ideas and don't know where to start?

Let our designers materialize those ideas by creating a unique, effective, and innovative custom template that will set your campaign apart from your competitors.

Cost: $299.00


Mobile campaigns

Mobile campaigns

Emailbrain’s Bulk SMS service allows you to send mass text messages through the Internet and is an ideal solution if you want to use a different communication channel other than email.

Its benefits:

1. Send mass SMS to multiple recipients using distribution lists simultaneously or individually.
2. Create messages to use on a frequent basis.
3. It is a tool that allows full use of its functionality from day one, since the platform is designed for quick and easy navigation.
4. Access to your reports from your sends.
5. Allows immediate communication with multiple receivers.

.... and much more.

We invite you to experience it yourself in your Emailbrain account and click the "Mobile" tab.


Reducing Your Email List

Reducing Your Email List


Here are some questions that you should explore when reducing your email list:

What types of email content is your audience finding most valuable and why?

Who are your highest engaged customers and why?

What are some reasons why subscribers may be interested in more or fewer emails?

With an understanding of this data, and the ability to reduce subscriber emails or personal profiles, you’ll be well positioned to do more with your lists. We also recommend cleaning your mailing list, removing emails address that are bounced or that do not do not open your newsletter at all (you can find these results by going to your Reports and Statistics section inside your Emailbrain account). By doing this you will reduce the headcount of your subscriber base while improving your marketing efficiency.


Personalization Strategies

Personalization Strategies

Many people use personalization in their Email Marketing Campaigns and it’s important to know when to use it and when it's appropriate. Most customers like content that is suitable to their interest, but too much personalization can harm your relationship with your clients, as they can feel like they are being stalked.

Here are a few personalization tactics that actually displeases buyers and what you can do.

Getting too Intimate
The amount of personalization used should be based on the relationship you have with each customer. Sometimes things go from customized to flat-out disturbing. Mix in your personalization with other offers to make customers feel less like a fish in the sea being fished by fisher men.

Too much contact
Track your customers activity on your site and if they have not purchased anything after 30 days, reduce the number of emails you send to them.

Getting personal too soon
Wait until a relationship has been established before you start personalizing. Wait and see the actions that they take with your business before getting too personal.


How Do Complaints Affect Email Marketing?

In the world of Email Marketing, complaints are devastating and may even adversely affect your campaigns and your own reputation.

Email Marketing is continuously exposed to spam and the major ESP (email service providers) such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc...have a way to fight spammers by adding the "spam" button to their email services.

When someone presses the "spam"  button  the system creates a filter for the email and adds the sender to a list of complaints named " feedback loop". The filter will prevent future emails to be delivered to the inbox and sends them straight to the spam folder and the Feedback Loop adds the email address to an internal list of the ESP and counts the number of complaints it receives.

Emailbrain uses several servers for sending mass emails and our IP 's are in Whitelists certifying that we are not spammers.

To avoid complaints follow the opt -in process and always make sure that the unsubscribe option is visible in your newsletters.


January Promotion - Trial Accounts

Let's start this 2016 with Amazing Savings! For limited time only pay 2 monthsfor the price of one.

How does the offer work?

Register and pay for any of our monthly plans; and we will give you the second month for free. On the third month the account will be billed automatically.

For example: If you register to a monthly 20,000 credit plan with a cost of $59.95/month, we will then give you the second month (20,000 credits) completely free. You will be saving a total of $59.95.

* Valid Only for Trial Accounts

This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion and may be subject to change. This offer is not automatically applied at checkout so you must contact us to receive the second month free. To contact our sales team reply to this email or call us at 302-351-4418.

The account must be kept active for at least four (4) months after initial sign up. If the account is cancelled prior to the four (4) months, your credit card will be billed for the free month. Not valid for bi-annual, annual, or pay as you go plans.

This promotion begins on Tuesday, January 12th, 2016 and expires on Thursday, January 21st, 2016.

Click here to see our Terms and Conditions regarding payment, returns, cancellation and expiration of credits.


January Promotion - Paying Accounts

Buy any quantity of Non-Expiring Extra Credits and you will receive double the amount.*

How does it work?
You will receive double the amount of Non-Expiring Extra Credits based on the amount of Non-Expiring Extra Credits that you have purchased.
For example: If you purchased 100,000 Non-Expiring Extra Credits, you will receive 200,000 Non-Expiring Extra Credits.
Remember that Non-Expiring Extra Credits do not expire and can be used when you need them, while your account is active.

*Valid only for Paying Accounts

This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion and may be subject to change. You must contact our sales department to receive the additional free Non-Expiring Extra Credits on this offer otherwise they will not be placed on your account. Reply to this email or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reach our sales team.

This promotion begins on Tuesday, January 12th, 2016 and expires on Thursday, January 21st, 2016.

Click here to see our Terms and Conditions regarding payment, returns, templates, and expiration of credits.


Monthly Newsletter - January 2016

We want your 2016 Email Marketing Campaigns to be a total triumph. We are here every step of the way to help you achieve your goals by helping you create your campaign, even assisting you to understand the details of the reports for your sends. We know first-hand how crucial your email marketing promotions are to the livelihood of your business, that is why your success is of utmost importance for us.
Once again we hope you have an amazing 2016!

Monthly Tip
Make it a staple on your marketing plan to send a survey twice a year to your subscribers to assess how they feel about your brand. The survey could be a questionnaire with two simple questions. You can ask them how likely they are to recommend you to a friend or how their most recent experience with your services was.

By doing this, you can learn more about your subscribers and potential clients as it gives you insight on how your brand is perceived by those interested or using your services.
Article of the Month
Use a template for you newsletter
Believe it or not, nowadays there are still marketers that do not use html templates to create their marketing campaigns. They simply use an image or background color for their email content. Here we describe some of the benefits and importance of using an html template:

1. Your customers will recognize the newsletter. Your email campaign is an extension of your brand, for that reason, any communication sent to your subscribers must reflect this as readers will be more likely to open your email if they recognize your brand.

2. If your newsletter is poorly made, the subscribers can associate it with the type of service they will receive from you. Remember first impressions are the ones that last and count.

3. Using a template will make it easier during the editing process and even more so if you tend to edit the template frequently.

4. Lastly, you should have standard templates created for your promotions. Let your creativity fly whenever you work on them as you can make them very festive or very subtle.



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