Creating a Database that works!


First of all, I would like to acknowledge the fact that we are already in December. I would like to wish all of you happy Holidays! Jumping into today's topic: Creating a Database that works

I would like to give you some advices so that the databases work when you are creating them:

1. Set your goals. Do you wish to grow your database? Do you want to double your sales on a product? Make sure you set your goals before creating your database. That way you will know which type of clients you want and how to classify each client.

2. Determine what to include in each database. Once you have decided which clients of yours have more potential, then you can start building up your database. Get together with your sales and marketing team, and ask them for all the opt in contacts that they have, and their contact information such as First and last name, name of the company they work for, products that they usually buy, phone number, email, and other products of interest.

3. Develop a plan. Once you have your goal established, and have your database created, you may then develop your email marketing plan.

4. Measure your results. Generate periodic reports that contain information such as cost per contact and cost per sale. It is better to develop an Email marketing plan, that goes little by little, rather than creating a huge campaign the first time, it is better to build it up with the time. Simply start with a small piece of your database, to see how it goes, and then expand, until you reach all your clients.

Note: Always try to personalize your emails, this way your clients will feel identified with you and your product as well.

I really hope all these advices are useful to you.

 Have a great start of the month!!

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