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I really hope your week has been great so far.

Michael, in regards to your question whether to personalize the subject line or the content of your newsletter, I would recommend you to do both. That way, your clients will feel more identified with your emails.

Rose, Mary, and Najao, thank you so much for your nice thoughts, and your compliments. Emailbrain wishes the best to the three of you as well!

Today, I would like to share with you a situation that occurred to one of our clients recently , and would like to prevent this from happening to you.  A few days ago we had a client that used to get around 25% of his emails opened in his Reports and Statistics Section, and less than 0.5% complaint rate (which was very good). One day he stopped sending information to his clients regarding his company, he told us that because he was busy doing other things in his business, and he did not take into consideration that his clients were expecting emails from him. He then  stopped sending them emails for almost a year. The result of that? The first time he decided to go back and start sending emails to them again, many of his clients had already lost interest in what he was offering, and in his company, because he failed to be consistent. Not only his open rate was horrible, but also his complaints  grew by far. He then called us to see what had happened.

Basically, when you make the decision of engaging in email marketing, make sure you do not abandon your clients, because they will forget who you are. Always keep reminding them that you are there to offer them services when they need you.

Always have a determined frequency to send out your newsletter, whether it is weekly, biweekly or monthly, make sure that you do not stop sending for long periods, because you will lose a potential list of returning customers. I am not saying that you will be sending emails to your clients on a daily basis, because that will definitely get them annoyed, but the key here is to always keep a balance and don't go into extremes where you send them information everyday, or by the contrary you do not send them anything throughout a whole year.

 I really hope you take this advice and keep being consistent in your email marketing campaigns.

Thanks for listening to Emailbrain's advices and have a wonderful weekend.

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