How can you build your list to send out successful Marketing Campaigns?

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In regards to my last blog, Abby mentions that it also occurred to her that the links were dead when her clients opened her emails, they saw nothing, that is why it is always important to check before sending out your newsletter.

Remember, always send yourself a test, before sending it to everyone else. And Monique, wanted to know if 25% open rate is a good rate. Well, Monique always keep in mind that your open rate depends on a huge number of factors. Some of them are how old your list is, what the content of your newsletter is, and what your subject line is, what the delivery rate is (If many of your emails bounce, the open rate will be lower), and also the from name of the email. But in general terms, considering all factors mentioned above 25% open rate is a good open rate.



Today's blog: How can you build your list to send out successful Marketing Campaigns?

 First of all, I would  like to tell you that building your list is a journey and not a destination. You will have to keep maintaining your lists, and also keep on growing them.

- Make sure you use the Subscription Form feature that Emailbrain provides, and make sure you place it in your website in a place where it is very visible.  Put the subscription form in as many pages as you possibly can within your website.

- Make sure to have a Privacy Policy in your Website. That way you can guarantee your clients , that their information will not be provided to third parties.

- Motivate your clients to subscribe by giving them something in return. It can be a prize by winning a company raffle, or by letting them know that they will get better advantages (like discounts)by signing up to receive your company emails, or let them know they will receive promotions via email after they sign up.

- Use the appropriate quantity of fields in the subscription Form, if you make it too long clients will certainly walk away from filling it out. Also keep in mind, that some fields you cannot avoid them since you will need them in the future, make sure to have a balance.

- Emailbrain provides you with a feature called "Forward to a friend" that way, if your clients find your content interesting, they can forward it, and once their friends receive it, they can sign up to your list, if they really like your newsletter and the content.

-Educate your clients or future clients by using many different types of media, facebook, twitter, blogs, articles. That way, you will always have your clients following you!

 I hope you found this helpful. And, have a wonderful remaining of the week!

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