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Manoj recenly wrote to us because he wanted some general tips on Email Marketing, here are some of the most importants tips:

In Email marketing it is really important  not only to get opt-in emails, but also to make a good design for your newsletter.

Whether you are new to Email marketing, or you simply took a break from sending out your campaigns, and are ready to start sending your emails again, make sure you do not send the whole list at once, but separate it into categories, it could be by date which the list is gathered, or where the recipient is located. That way it will facilitate you from having your list clean.

 In is really important that you do not collect email addresses  from several websites, you will the be Violation the CAN-SPAM Act. Also, make sure you do not buy lists from third parties, because even though those list can be opt in, the term opt in does not really to you, because they have not opted in to be in your list directly.

 Keep in mind that if they sold the list to you, they could of sold it to many other people, and such recipients are probably tired of receiving random emails, and will most likely report a complaint.

 In conclusion, gather your own list, and do not depend on other companies to provide you with different lists.

 Thank you, keep having a great Holiday Season!

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