How long should the subject line be?

I hope you all have had a great week so far! I could imagine that most of you will be going on vacation very soon. I really hope you have a great trip and safe vacations. For those of you who do not have a planned trip, make sure that you add a little knowledge to your knowledge base and continue reading our blog! :)

Today's Theme: First of all, some people say that the most important part if an email is its subject line. Because it is the moment the sender has to catch the recipients attention. Many people say that what is most important about the subject line is the length, that the longer it is the less it will tend to reach the recipient's end. However, the content of the subject line is extremely important as well.

It is really important that you throw in a very important phrase at the beginning on the subject line, and my recommendation is not to exceed 40 characters because most email service providers have around that limitation on the subject line. Shorter lines have a better result, when focusing on delivery.

And, if on top of leaving the subject line short, you add the fact that you avoid all caps in the subject line, and avoid words in your subject line that are top rated when it is about spam such as: Viagra, Free, Mortgage, basucally words realted to pornography, medicine, and realestate are a no-no rule in the Email Marketing industry. Always make sure you send yourself a test--Using our Send Test feature, to make sure that the email is going to the inbox. A recommendation would be to send different subject lines to see which ones by pass the Spam Filters and which subject line does not by pass it.

 Thanks, and I hope that you take advantage of this tips.

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