Two Surprises in this Holiday!

In this time of the year we tend to reflect about how the year has been, and we tend to get filled of love and happiness.

Today I have 2 surprises for you, but before I start telling you about them I’m going to answer  the question that Jonathan has for us.  He wants to know if the characters in the subject line are taken in consideration by the spam filters. Yes, the spam filter see the characters in the subject line, and if there too many your message can be considered as spam.  

Also, we would like you to remember that we have joined efforts with Homeless in Miami in a collecting clothes for the homeless people in the city of Miami.Please click on the image for more information.


Today’s 2 surprises are:



2.  As a Christmas gift, Emailbrain has come up with a really good promotion, which will be available until Monday, December 28th, 2009. So, take advantage of it, and do not miss this promotion. If you have a Paying account, click on the button that says "Paying accounts click here" and if you have a Trial account, click on the button that says "Trial accounts click here"





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