Ways to increase your subscribers

Ways to increase your subscribers

One of the main goals of email marketing is that our subscriber list grows every day. This way the product or service will be more known, and sales will  increase. So although I know that we have already discussed this issue in the past, today I wanted to share with you some new ideas on how to collect new subscribers, and also I will mention the ideas that I had given you.

1. Send to a friend: Always include this option, because if your newsletter is really interesting I can assure you that more than one person will re-send it to someone who is not on your list. This new contact will most likely sign up to your list.

2. Subscription Form: Include this form on all websites and in your newsletter.

3. Business Card: On your company’s business card, invite people to visit their website, to sign up to their newsletter and receive the latest news.

4. Personal contacts / business: Send an email from your e-mail to personal contacts and business contacts, inviting them to register for your mailing list on your subscription form.

5. Pop-Up Messages: When someone finished visiting your website and proceed to close the window or navigate to another page, offer the option of filing your mail in a popup.

6. Telemarketing: There are companies that specialize in doing this or you can ask someone from your company to do so. Call your current and past clients and ask for their email in order to register for the mailing list.

7. Signature in e-mails: Include a link to the subscription form in the signature of your emails. Also ask your other co-workers to include it because most of the time you all have different customers. You can put a sentence like: Do you want to be part of our contact list? Click here to join.

8. Referrals: Ask your current subscribers to invite their contacts to be part of your list, and if they do, you can give you a discount or a gift.

9. Events: You can get people to sign up to your list, in the events you will participate in, or you can invite people you talk to, to be part of your list, you can give them the business card or you can create a flyer with this information.

10. Discount Offer: You can give special discounts to people who register their list for the first time.

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