How to prevent your clients from deleting your messages without reading them

Many times we think: Do clients you read our newsletter? Is the information interesting? There is nothing sadder than creating a newsletter that recipients will not read. I can assure you that you have received newsletters in your inbox that you then immediately delete without reading, or am I wrong? So I will give you a few tips that can help your clients not delete your newsletters.

  1. Be brief: Keep your newsletter very short. If it is too long, it is likely that the reader will not want to read it all, or might have too much work to read so much information. 2. Use paragraphs: Use paragraphs between one idea and another, so your newsletters are more organized and easy to understand. 3. Be Specific: No further explanation or long detours. Go to the point and say what he has to say. Use short sentences and paragraphs. So your readers understand everything immediately. 4. Use Bold: Use bold for important points, so the reader can identify the most important thing for him/her. 5. Images: Try to use images that have to do with the subject and that way the reader relates information to the image and it is easier to understand. 6. Subject: The subject line should clearly convey what is the newsletter about, and must be under 40 characters.

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