What makes Email Marketing so effective.

Email Marketing, not only is the most inexpensive way of Marketing but also it has many advantages when compared to traditional marketing.  Traditional marketing such as direct mail is declining because of its high costs in printing, and delivering, as well as with newspapers, magazines, and flyers. A website is never as direct as an email marketing message, since the website has information written on it but the email can be more specific as to what the client is looking for. When a company advertises through radio or even television, their message is being exposed to anyone, without previous segmenting of who really wants to see/read or receive the message.

Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and even blogs can unite us with our customers, but it is only interesting to people who are in sync with events that are coming up very soon. The ROI on Email Marketing is very high compared with other sources of Marketing. Another advantage of Email Marketing is that is that you can send the email whenever you want to, and as soon as your recipient checks their invoice, they will receive the message that you are sending them. Another aspect that favors email marketing is the ability to segment what each group of your clients wants to receive or is interested in.  A great way of Marketing now a days: Email Marketing.

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