Downgrading and Upgrading made easy for you in Emailbrain

Are you consistent with the amount of emails that you send per month?

If you are not, this blog may be very interesting for you.

 Emailbrain in the past, was not offering the option of downgrading or upgrading your account, via online inside your Emailbrain Account, you actually had to contact the Billing Department to make these changes.

 To provide you with a better and faster service, you can now downgrade or upgrade your Emailbrain account without having to contact one of our representatives, and the best part is your change will update immediately.

All you have to do is go to your account, Click on Set up Options, then on Change Account, and you will then pick the plan that you want, and I click on Change Account. The credits that you previously had as monthly will last until one month later of your new payment.

I hope you use this feature every time you need it. Thanks for reading our blog!

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