Maintaining Privacy on your Facebook Account

We all agree that facebook is a great tool for marketing purposes, and also to stay connected with friends and relatives that are far away. But, we must keep in mind that providing too much information can get us an identity, we must be aware of this and take the necessary measures to avoid such big problem.

Whether your business has a Facebook account or you have a personal Facebook Account, here are some very important tips to avoid personal theft, which could complicate your business as well as your personal life.

 The first thing you must keep in mind is to avoid showing your contacts that are business related. Have you ever thought of the possibility of a competitor of yours or someone that would like to harm you, contact your business colleagues in order to damage you? They could send a very bad message about you and ruin your reputation. Well that is something we don’t usually think of, but can certainly occur.

 On a personal level, you should avoid exposing information in your facebook account such as your home address, your birth date, you high school graduation, your college graduation, your pets’ name, the city you were born it, your mother’s maiden name (Those are all the answers to security questions that should to be exposed to the public)

Also, the plans that you have on a certain date such as traveling, going out of your house, or being part of any specific group that identifies you, can be really harmful. They can all lead to people trying to pretend they are you at the time of trying to steal something from you, or simply say that they are you, when they are really not.

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