Tips on How to Make your Database Grow

-Put your subscription form on your website

-Include your subscription form on your facebook fan page

-Twitter the link of your subscription form that is inside the newsletter that you are sending.

-Place a fishbowl on your business, where people can register to win prizes.

-In every phone call with every client, ask them if they can provide you with their email so you can send them your newsletter.

-Have a pop up window in your website, where your clients can put their information to win something, and receive your newsletter frequently.

-When you get an email that bounces, send them a direct mail with an incentive if they provide you with their new email address.

-Give your employees a prize for whoever collects more opt in email addresses.

-Send your clients a gift on their birthday, if they opt in to receive your newsletters.

-In your signature, you can put a link for them to sign up.

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