Email Marketing Tips during Christmas time

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Emailbrain wants to wish you a very happy Halloween.

Please enjoy our Pumpkin Brain, if you have not seen it before :)


We advise you to follow the next 5 steps:

 Step#1 – Analyze your last years’ campaign

First of all, take a look at your last Christmas, and ask yourself the following questions.

What was your plan last Christmas? Did your plan work? Did the subject line impact your open rate? How did clients react to the quantity of emails you sent during Christmas time?

Watch your client’s behavior and you’re your competitors

What did they do, that you should have done? Collect analysis from your team on what products sold the most, which did not, which ones gave the best profit.

Get a conclusion, based on all previously mentioned, what approach should you take this year? What should you advertise with more emphasis? What type of offers would you like to make?

 Step#2 Notification Emails

Do not lose any opportunity during Christmas time, make sure to add promotions to invoices or notification emails, anything could be a sale for you.

 Step#3 Segment your list

Make sure to send emails to recipients who truly want to receive the content you are sending them, because in Christmas time is the time of the year when recipients receive more emails, and if its not in their interest, they will not even look at your email.

 Step#4 Do not forget your social network-

Make sure that your promotions and email campaigns can be exposed in all your Social Network, that way the amount of leads can increase!

Step#5 Send an email to wish all your clients a happy holidays.

 Do not include any offer or promotion; simply make your client feel important.

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