FeedMail (RSS to Email): The Smart Way to Publish Blogs to Email

Publish any feed, like your blog, to an email newsletter and send it to subscribers on a scheduled basis using the intelligent FeedMail application. The FeedMail application was launched a few days ago and it is an easy to use feature that will benefit many of the Emailbrain advanced users.

Getting started is easier than you think:

1. Select FeedMail (RSS to Email) from under the blue Newsletter menu.

2. Select the “create” button if you would like to create a new feed. This button is located below the panel of your existing RSS FeedMails.

If you have existing feeds, then select the edit icon to edit and the recycle bin icon to delete it.


3. Now give a name to your FeedmMail (RSS) newsletter

4. Enter the address for your feed in the blank text box provided (REMEMBER - it's your feed's URL we need, not the standard URL). If you don’t know the correct URL then look for the orange RSS icon somewhere on your blog and click on it to retrieve the URL.


5. Select one of our stylish templates from the dropdown menu, or select “Custom XML/style URL” if you would like to create your own style.

6. If you select the custom style, a blank text box will appear. Fill in the text box with the URL of where your CSS file is located.

7. Press "save" and your saved feed will appear on the initial landing page. After you have pressed saved you will see your feed in preview panel. Press "save and schedule" to set the dates and times of when you would like to send.

By sending your RSS feed out using the FeedMail application you’ll get our reporting tools which will enhance your understanding of your readers interests.

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