Brand Equity- An important factor on your open rate

Did you know that 90% of readers will use email to engage in and determine the value of a relationship with a company?

It is very important that when you send an email, you are sending it to your list of subscribers or prospect clients that have heard about your company or products. Typically, a recipient will open an email if it recognizes the person that is sending it or if the message is worth opening.  That said, determining how much brand equity your email carries is critically important element of your email marketing success.

Your company's name is one indicator of brand equity. Regardless of the type of messages listed in your inbox, the name of the company consistently gets attention. Well known company names generate strong brand equity for their target sector. Wouldn't you be more likely to open an email if you recognize the company?


Understanding your brand equity prior to designing an email marketing campaign is key. It lets you know how much of a challenge you will face to get your email opened, let alone read. If your company has a low level of company awareness , your newsletters will have a lower open rate.

Keep in mind that if your company is new in the market, it has low brand equity, o r if your company is perceived as not trust worthy then it has low brand equity.  The bottom line is that with a low brand equity, your approach to email marketing should be different. You will need to focus on establishing brand equity.  One way to do this is by sending a welcome email to your new subscribers, and enforce double opt in.

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