Promoting your Opt-In form on your Website

In Email marketing, here is no better way than promoting your opt-in form than in your web site.  Keep in mind the following key points when creating and placing your subscription form.

1.  The subscription form should be placed in the front end of your web site.  Choose a  place that is visible and that catches the attention of your visitors.

2. Don't cramp the form by requesting too much information. Only ask for information that you are going to use to segment your customers. If you request sensitive personal  information,  customers will be hesitant to sign up.

3.  Make sure you indicate which fields are required and which ones are optional. Use standard form field names so that the auto-complete functions on browsers and browser toolbars, such as the one from Google, match up and fields can be quickly completed. 

4. Include a disclaimer in the form, letting your subscribers know how you are going to use their information and include a link to your Privacy Policy.

5.  Provide an example of your newsletter through a clickable thumbnail graphic that opens in a new window.

6. Let the reader know how often you will be mailing them.


Promoting your subscription form  in your web site is the most effective way to gain new readers; however, do not  focus in only promoting your opt-in form there. Use different channels such as print ads, call centers, in-store signs and banners.

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