A small reminder on what is opt-in and what not to do

Before you begin reading this blog, it is very important in Email Marketing to use opt in method. What is opt-in? Opt-in is the act of agreeing by email or other means, such as subscription form, to receive marketing email messages or giving to a particular individual or company website that gives you permission to send their emails.

 And knowing what opt-in is, I want to explain several scenarios that are not considered opt-in subscribers:

1. Clients left their business card- if someone gives you his business card that does not mean they want to start receiving your newsletters. So be careful, if you want this person to receive your newsletter, you can ask or say very sincerely if they are interested, you can register their information on your subscription form.

2. People that as company - Some people are just accompanying his friends / family to buy a product and are asked for their data but never established for what. If you do not tell them that they will be receiving emails, these are NOT opt-in because they were not giving permission to receive the newsletters.

3. Buyers in physical stores - Many people who visit stores, can show interest in the products and could have made a purchase thoroughly, but this does NOT mean they want to receive the newsletters.

4. Word of mouth - If someone you know tells you that a friend wants to receive your newsletters, this does NOT mean that they are opt-in. The person who wants to receive should subscribe to their website or send an email requesting to be part of your list.

5. Events - When your business is at a trade show or an event, those interested can stop by your booth and fill out a form. This does NOT mean they want to receive your newsletters. 

I can advise you to have a computer with the subscription form ready, and ask people who visit your stand if they’re interested in more information, please subscribe.

If at this time you have many subscribers, as I mentioned I would advise using the method of double opt-in, where you add them through the subscription form on your website, and the system will send an email to them where they need to press a link to ratify that they want to be a part of your mailing list.

This way, people who are genuinely interested in receiving your newsletters will receive them.

To set the emails of double opt-in subscription form go to your account.

You might wonder why it is so important that they are opt-in. It is important because we do not want people to take your emails as spam and delete them without even seeing them. If not registered to your list, and they receive your emails, they can bring a complaint that the information you send is spam, and when a complaint is received the user's account is blocked.

 When this happens we will ask for opt-in proof. If you can show that the person who made the complaint registered to receive your newsletter, we will simply block the person from your list and unlock your account.

 If you cannot prove that this person had opted-in, your account will remain blocked and you must send opt-in testing to its entire list. If you give us proof that the rest of your list is opt-in then we can unlock the account, but this person will stay blocked on your list, and in case your list is not opt-in then we can cancel your account.

Receiving complaints is very serious because the servers you use and other users use to submit their email marketing campaigns are blocked, and we must demonstrate that the lists if they are opt-in, and if we do not, the use of that server is  prohibited.  

Emailbrain governed by the rules of The Coalition Against Unsolicited E-mail and FTC's CAN-SPAM Law.

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