How to be successful in social networks

To be successful with your customers in social networks, follow these steps and you will be able to increase the number of subscribers you have, and have more success in their email marketing campaigns:

• Keep your message simple- Simply write something short about the newsletter you send out, not many explanations, not complicated messages will be read.

• Give reasons to Share- When writing your newsletter, think about the reasons why you would share. If you have more than one reason then you are on the right track (think like the customer). Remember that if you make more people want to share their news bulletins on social networks, there is a high probability that you get more subscribers. So give reasons to share, do promotions, contests and good information.

• Know that social networks use your contacts more- Learn the most popular social networks among your subscribers and focus on those. It's not worth putting much effort into a network if a minimum percentage of your subscribers use it. Take your time and investigate the preferences of your subscribers, you can do a survey if you wish.

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