Make your newsletter similar to your Website

It is really important that keep consistency between your website and the newsletters that you create.

Make sure that clients identify your brand, and one way of doing this is by making sure that your newsletters is not all about looks, but also that it is consistent to your website. That way your clients can learn to recognize your website quite soon.

The way you can get the best results when building your newsletters is by:

No only put images- Keep in mind that newsletters are first seen on the previews, and that if you only put images, some email service provides do not show text on the preview, this will make the client delete the newsletter without even looking at it. That is why it is always good to combine text and images at the same time.

Make sure your clients recognize your Brand name- It is very important that the client recognizes who the email is coming from, that way the will not automatically delete it.

Focus on the subject line to have a good delivery rate- With our feature AB split test, you can compare two subject lines and determine, which of the two gives better result. You can test and send to a portion of your list with one subject line, and then the other portion of your list with the other subject line, that way you can realize which one gave best results.

The email is always divided into 2 parts (unless it is too short to only have the second part). The first part is the one that has what you first see when you receive a newsletter, the second part is the one you see when you actually scroll down to the newsletter.

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