Top Seven Ways to Build your Email List

I often receive this email from our customers: "I just opened an EmailBrain account, but I have a small email list... how can I make it grow?”

Some companies are looking to build their email lists --even from scratch--, other companies are looking to expand and maintain their email lists. It doesn't matter if you are a small one-man shop, or a multinational corporation, or anything in between... the universal truth is that all companies are looking to optimize and generate more business from their current and potential customers.

So, after years of dealing with all the tools, research, gadgets, and supernatural powers out there, today I give you our top seven ways to build your email list. Enjoy!

1) Build Trust

This is probably the single most important issue that you should always keep in mind: Customer Trust. If you resell or send them information without their permission, people will leave your business as quick as possible. We all receive too much crap as is by email, so the last thing you need is for current and potential customers to be second guessing your intentions.

2) Quality Design & Content

Invest on good quality graphic design that makes your newsletter look like a million dollars. Customers will pay more attention to a catchy-well-structured graphic layout that makes your products, services and company look better. And they will keep opening those next newsletters. Don't write anything more, or anything less that what you want to say to your target audience. People know when you're giving them bull. Direct quality content will create a significant bond between your message and your customers.

3) Capture Data

Every single person in your company should know about the importance of building your email list. If a customer visits your store or office, encourage them to fill a data card. If they call, ask for their email and permission to subscribe them to your list. All your printed material (forms, cards, publications, etc) should also ask for this key data.

4) Sign-Up Forms

Place them everywhere in your website, always in a key place that your customers can't miss. The easier you make it for them to subscribe to your email list, the more potential customers you will have.

5) Incentives

Make them subscribe for a good reason. Offer special promotions, discounts, or any type of incentives that are cheap for you and valuable for your customers.

6) Advertising

It doesn't matter what other channels you are using to reach your customers. Always... ALWAYS... advertise your website and encourage email subscription. List the benefits and incentives you offer.

7) Use EmailBrain

Don't let other email marketing tools fool you... the best way to go is EmailBrain! A reliable and easy-to-use platform that delivers, gives you all the tools you need, and at the best price. Customers trust when you use EmailBrain... but remember to always ask for permission first.

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