Email marketing generates sales opportunities

  • When we launch an email marketing campaign aimed to sell a product or service, we want the recipients to click buy now naturally and almost automatically.
A newsletter that is designed to create sales, must meet at least three basic requirements:

1. The Design:

If the design is confusing, the click will not occur easily. The image or product description must be clear and precise, making an invitation to click buy.

2. The Content:

You have to evaluate what your clients want or seek and offer them the product they want. Offers or promotions with 3 or 4 previously selected products can generate more results than a newsletter with more than 10 products.

3. The offer:

From the first moment, you must be very clear of what the offer price is, if there is discount or not, the before price, the now price, and the time of duration. The reduced price is an incentive and an outstanding fast and easy way to convince to click on buy.

Sales can only be achieved after the click that occurs from your newsletter, so do not forget to apply these 3 simple guidelines to increase your sales!

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