Make signing up as simple as possible

Email opt-in should be made easy. The more clicks and keystrokes a potential subscriber needs to make in order to sign up, the more they will abandon the process before you have them securely on your list.

Why force a person to take multiple steps to do something that they want to do, if there are ways for them to do it with just one?

Lubricate your subscription process by testing the success of rate of single opt in vs. double opt in. Think about reducing the amount of required fields on your subscription forms - most of which are always details you can ask your subscribers about later. And rewrite your confirmation emails to be as brief and skim-easy as possible.

Emailbrain allows you to custom build your very own subscription form that you can place on either your website or social media pages. We even give you mobile optimized subscription forms to target potential subscribers who are visiting your domain on their smart-phones

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