How can you define direct marketing success without testing?

A lot of small businesses focus on creating sales campaigns and forget that the best way to reach goals is to make sure you are delivering what your clients really want. With that in mind, the key elements of a successful campaign are to test, test, and test and then measure the results. Marketers often struggle to meet all the deadlines for each email blast, monthly newsletter, and social media updates, not to mention all the other things in between. In this frenzy marketing mix, few take the moment to ask themselves, “Did we remember to test what we're doing?”

Why aren't marketers testing?

Most people focus on how time consuming it is to create a test than just to create the campaign alone. Even the simplest test requires modifications of some sort and this can take a lot of taught and planning. However; the payback can bring a higher return than just emailing your campaign. By testing, you can find out if future campaigns would work as good as they should.

The take away

Smart marketers should always test and the best way to do this is by doing an A/B test. Legendary retailer John Wanamaker once said, “Half of my advertising is wasted, I just wish I knew which half.” Not only does testing improve the campaign that you are testing, but it can also lead to new ideas that will make the next promotion more effective from the start.

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