Plan for Mobile from the Start

There’s nothing hotter for consumers than tablet devices and smart phones. That is why is so important to create mobile targeted newsletters that containing specific calls to action. Here are a few interesting mobile device statistics to kick things off:

- More than 90% of all active mobile handsets in the U.S are enabled for SMS messaging and Web browsers to access the Internet (Morgan Stanley Market Trends).

- Across all ages and phones used, 69% use SMS (text) messaging, with 1 in 4 using it specifically for commercial or marketing purposes. (ABIResearch).

-1.2 billion smart phones will enter the market over the next 5 years, about 40 percent of all handset shipments). (ABIResearch) As a business owner, you must have a strategic plan in order to be successful when creating your campaign. Mobile is a two-way medium and great campaigns will be as much about the consumer requesting information or answering a call to action, as much as the brand pushing information towards the consumer.

Five Quick Tips to Make Your Email Mobile Friendly

1. Keep subject lines simple to about 30 characters or less. 2.  Use the option to “Click to read on your mobile device” at the top of all your email marketing and newsletters. 3. The content of the newsletter should be short and whenever possible  use links  to provide more information. 4. Always hyperlink larger fonts to make it easier for readers to click on. 5. A single column layout is easier to render on a mobile device than a two column layout.

Mobile Marketing drives mass engagement, use it wisely and you will receive higher returns on your marketing efforts.

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