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One of the biggest factors of email marketing success is to have all of your emails opt-in. You may be wondering what opt-in means, here is the explanation:

Opt-in is the act of agreeing by email or any other means to receive emails, or to give a particular individual permission to send you emails. There are several types of verification and some are more complex than others. Some people use double opt-in, which is when you subscribe you get an email with a link  that you must click on to ensure the existence of the recipient.

Companies that follow anti-spam rules and have opt-in forms see that their campaigns generate better open rates and receive less unsubscribes. Let's do a quick comparison of opt-in vs. not opt-in.

When emails are Opt-in:

1. Great chance that your subscribers will open their emails.

2. Great willingness to share content.

3. Positive attitude towards your company.

When emails are not Opt-in:

1. Great possibility of your clients not opening your emails.

2. Recipients will not read your messages.

3. They might even  decide to never do business with you.

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