A Reminder of How to Avoid Anti-Spam Filters

As time goes by internet providers are becoming stricter with their spam filters.

What are spam filters? What these filters do is they select or spam trap the emails before they reach your inbox.

To avoid being selected as spam by spam filters and to make sure that your newsletters are being delivered to your inbox please note the following:

Do not use words like Free, $ $ $ $, € € € €, Discount, Viagra, sex, fast, in a hurry, get rich, etc. .. This may be in the subject line or in the email content. To see a more complete list can go to our blog:

Ensure that newsletters are not all in capital letters, that there are not lots of exclamation signs, fonts too big, all in red or bold.

Do not use only one image, do some text and insert image(s) as well.

Always write something in the subject of your message. never leave it blank.

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