Emailbrain's Reports and Statistics Section

We have  Four main functions in the reports section of your account:

1. The  "on sends" ( is usually the most used) section as this is the basic and best way to look at an overview of the statistics as well as the specific results you receive from your email marketing campaigns.

2. The "on lists" section is the second section. This section essentially shows you statistics based on emails sent to specific lists, in this view it is easy to see the progress of a list. Also, you can see how many addresses subscribed or were delivered to in correlation to the total amount on the list, that way you can conclude how good your list is.

3. The "on contacts", which is the third section; shows you status of email addresses and the lists they are in.

4. And, the fourth and last section in the reports is for all your Triggers/ Autoresponders, an Autoresponder is generated when you set up an email to go out when an action was made. For instance, when you click on subscribe your recipient will receive an email saying "Thank you for signing-up" or when they click on a specific link on your email, it will trigger to send a second email.

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