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Creating your newsletter is easier than ever. Choose from over 400 free templates for every occasion. Upload your own images and edit them as you go along – we know how important it is to have the freedom to chop and change until it’s just right.

Of course, getting the balance right is very important. Remember that you need enough text to communicate your message, but not too much to lose the interest of your readers. Have a look at some top tips for newsletter design from one of our experts.

Tip Number 1: Keep your designs and layout simple. The more complex it is the more things can go wrong and remember, above all, to test and test again. Our inbox preview shows you how your newsletter will appear in your readers’, a pretty cool tool if you want to make sure that it’s in the ‘Goldie-locks’ zone – you know, juuust right.

Tip Number 2: Keep in mind though that your images might not always render perfectly for all email clients; just do the best you can.

For step by step tips on how to create and personalize newsletters, check out this video.

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