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According to, around 46% of people rely on social media before deciding to buy anything. In today’s email marketing world, it is more important than ever to integrate your campaigns with social media sharing to maximize the reach of your message. Emailbrain gives you a complete social media tool kit for getting your message to go viral on social networks.

To begin, click ‘Social Share’ in the left navigation menu under ‘Social Share’ option:

  • From here, you can enjoy the following features:
  • Tweet instantly from your Emailbrain dashboard or send a quick Facebook status update
  • Add social media share and Facebook LIKE buttons to your emails
  • Get new subscribers via a form that makes it easy for people to sign up with their Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts

Tip: Just like your email campaigns, tracking and analyzing data is critical for ongoing success. Our social reports tool gives you deductive, accurate feedback through social metrics.

Do you have a Facebook page for our business? How does that work for you. Leave your comment below.

For more info on our social share tools, check out this tutorial video or head over to the help center for more information.

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