Add a Mobile Site to Your Campaign for Higher Conversion Rates

Mobile device use continues to increase around the globe while also becoming more flexible as a marketing communication channel. Emailbrain gives you valuable mobile marketing tools, such as our mobile mini site.

Open the ‘SMS/Mobile’ tab in the Emailbrain account dashboard, and select ‘Create Site’ to begin your mini mobile adventure:

For step by step help with setting up your mobile site, see our help center video tutorials.

Tip: Provide an automatically shortened link to your mobile site in your text message campaign, and watch your open rates soar. Your subscribers will find a beautifully designed site with content and images optimized for mobile displays.

Tip: Take our mobile marketing for a spin with the offering of an instant redeem coupon. All you have to do is send out the link and customers can access the coupon right on their mobile device. Instant redeem, no mess, no fuss—and no paper wasted means happy trees!

What do you use your mini mobile site for? An event, your business profile, a sales catalogue? Comment below.

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