Create your Email Marketing Campaign based on your Reports and Statistics

The section of reports and statistics can be helpful when creating your email marketing campaigns. Here are two reasons of why:
1. Be aware  of the unsubscribes and the frequency that they occur in
The main reasons for which your customers can unsubscribe: They are not registered to your list, the newsletters  are not of their  interest or they are receiving many newsletters. Choose a delivery schedule and stick to it. Send regular newsletters and alter them with offers. In addition, make sure your content is relevant.
2. Consider open rates to find the most loyal customers
Getting a high level of openness shows that customers are committed to what is sent to them and recognizes your address. You can target these clients that are more loyal to specific marketing campaigns. Check your open rates of recent months and send a special offer for those customers. Due to high rates in the past, these clients are certain to open the newsletters.
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