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Add a Mobile Site to Your Campaign for Higher Conversion Rates

Mobile device use continues to increase around the globe while also becoming more flexible as a marketing communication channel. Emailbrain gives you valuable mobile marketing tools, such as our mobile mini site.

Open the ‘SMS/Mobile’ tab in the Emailbrain account dashboard, and select ‘Create Site’ to begin your mini mobile adventure:

For step by step help with setting up your mobile site, see our help center video tutorials.

Tip: Provide an automatically shortened link to your mobile site in your text message campaign, and watch your open rates soar. Your subscribers will find a beautifully designed site with content and images optimized for mobile displays.

Tip: Take our mobile marketing for a spin with the offering of an instant redeem coupon. All you have to do is send out the link and customers can access the coupon right on their mobile device. Instant redeem, no mess, no fuss—and no paper wasted means happy trees!

What do you use your mini mobile site for? An event, your business profile, a sales catalogue? Comment below.


Add SMS Marketing to Your Campaign for Higher Open Rates

Mobile device use is continuing to rise in popularity, and Emailbrain has the mobile marketing tools to stay ahead of the curve.

SMS marketing is a powerful and to-the-point means of marketing to an always-on consumer. In fact, according to, 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of receiving.

To begin, click on the ‘Mobile’ tab at the top of the dashboard and select ‘SMS/Text Messages’ from the left navigation menu.

It is easy to share content on mobile devices with your subscribers through Emailbrain’s shortcode marketing service offer. You can grow an opt-in mobile list, set up quick competitions, or send out event updates.

Have you sent bulk text messages to your clients before? Tell us your story with a comment below. Or have any fresh ideas? Comment below!

For more information on sending messages with EB mobile marketing, contact our sales team.


Go Social With Integrated Social Share Publishing

According to, around 46% of people rely on social media before deciding to buy anything. In today’s email marketing world, it is more important than ever to integrate your campaigns with social media sharing to maximize the reach of your message. Emailbrain gives you a complete social media tool kit for getting your message to go viral on social networks.

To begin, click ‘Social Share’ in the left navigation menu under ‘Social Share’ option:

  • From here, you can enjoy the following features:
  • Tweet instantly from your Emailbrain dashboard or send a quick Facebook status update
  • Add social media share and Facebook LIKE buttons to your emails
  • Get new subscribers via a form that makes it easy for people to sign up with their Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts

Tip: Just like your email campaigns, tracking and analyzing data is critical for ongoing success. Our social reports tool gives you deductive, accurate feedback through social metrics.

Do you have a Facebook page for our business? How does that work for you. Leave your comment below.

For more info on our social share tools, check out this tutorial video or head over to the help center for more information.


Screen Your Message for Spam

Whether your meant it or not, spam messages are not appreciated by recipients, including your subscribers. We know you would never spam anyone, but in case your email comes close with some words or formatting styles which may be confused for spam, we have a nifty spam checker to screen your message before sending. That way, you’ll know it’s safe to send without worry.

Our spam checker identifies any suspicious formatting or overused offer words, such as “100% FREE”, “No fees”, “click here”, or “risk free” that would cause a message to be flagged as spam. As long as your message receives a score below 5.0, you’re unlikely to be considered spam.

Just click ‘check spam score’ before sending your message.

Tip #1: Make sure that what you say in your subject line relates to the rest of your mail. Don’t surprise your readers with unexpected content.

Tip #2: Fulfill the expectations you set at signup. Don’t send more content than you advertise, or you may end up flagged as spam.

Tip #3: Keep your content relevant to the reader and you will reduce the likelihood they will perceive it as spam. Segmenting your lists can help!


View Reports to Track Your Campaign

Once you have created your newsletter and sent your message, view reports on open rates, click through rates, and share rates from your campaign.

Our reporting tools make it easy to decipher key performance indicators in your campaign, and then use these insights to improve on future sends. Get started by clicking ‘Reports’ and ‘View by Send’.

The reports dashboard shows you all the most important categories that help you gauge the success of your send. Here you can see how many of your mails were delivered, how many of them bounced, how many were opened, and how your subscribers clicked through them. You can even compare your results to your industry’s benchmarks for email marketing campaigns.

Emailbrain’s reporting tools even tell you:

  • Where in the world people open your mail
  • When they read and engage with your message
  • What operating system and browser they used

This information is perfect for further segmenting of your subscribers and building clearer demographic stats for your future marketing communications.

For step by step help on how to read your reports, check out this video from our Emailbrain help center.


Create Your Newsletter

Creating your newsletter is easier than ever. Choose from over 400 free templates for every occasion. Upload your own images and edit them as you go along – we know how important it is to have the freedom to chop and change until it’s just right.

Of course, getting the balance right is very important. Remember that you need enough text to communicate your message, but not too much to lose the interest of your readers. Have a look at some top tips for newsletter design from one of our experts.

Tip Number 1: Keep your designs and layout simple. The more complex it is the more things can go wrong and remember, above all, to test and test again. Our inbox preview shows you how your newsletter will appear in your readers’, a pretty cool tool if you want to make sure that it’s in the ‘Goldie-locks’ zone – you know, juuust right.

Tip Number 2: Keep in mind though that your images might not always render perfectly for all email clients; just do the best you can.

For step by step tips on how to create and personalize newsletters, check out this video.


Increase Open And Click Through Rates With Our A/B Split Tests

Our A/B split test tool allows you to create up to five different message versions, each with their own subject line or different content. All you have to do is divide them into group A and group B for sending, and our system tells you which one worked best and then sends that newsletter to everyone else. It’s that easy—and it saves you time, money and guarantees higher open and conversion rates.

To get started on A/B testing, click ‘Sending’ from the left navigation menu and select ‘A/B Testing’.

For more detailed instructions on conducting an A/B split test, check out our tutorial video or visit the help center for more detailed information.

Was this information helpful, or do you need more details to get you started? Comment below.


Upload Your Contacts


A strong subscriber base of engaged readers is key to email marketing success. Start building your empire today by adding contacts to your address book. Emailbrain’s contact management system is flexible and can retrieve your address data from several sources.
Here’s a quick explanation of the various ways you can upload contacts to your EB account address book:


Lists & Contacts > Manage your contacts


Click the “+” symbol the left-hand list column, and give your new list a name. Then click the “+” symbol again in the right-hand addressee column to manually add profile information to your dataset.





Lists & Contacts > Import your contacts

  • Add by copy and paste or typing
  • Import from file using xls or csv
  • Import from online email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.





Lists & Contacts > List Clean Up

Tip: use our List Clean Up tool to remove faulty and duplicate email addresses from your lists. And follow other list building best practices to amass a healthy subscriber base, such as opt in subscription forms and using report metrics to deliver the right content to your subscribers at the right time. For step by step tips on how to upload and edit contacts check out our help center files and videos in your Emailbrain account.



Unbeatable Item of the Month of November - Paying Accounts

Not Html Savvy?
Let us do the work for you, and convert your JPG or PDF into an editable HTML newsletter, or let us clean your HTML.
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November's Unbeatable Item of the Month - Trial Accounts

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 Would you like to send out an Email Marketing message to your customers?
 Let our Graphic Design Team create a Three or Six Table Personalized Template exclusively for your company. Estimated Time: 2-5 business days. Tables can be arranged to your liking or need and the template is fully editable. 
All logos, images and text to be used in the template must be provided by you in order to comply with copyright laws.
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Click here to see our Terms and Conditions regarding payment, returns, templates and expiration of credits. 


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