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How to differentiate a Proper Subject line with one that should be avoided!

The first things that email filters look at when you are going to send out an email, is the content of the subject line, if they find words they considered to be "spammy", they will sure block your emails.
Every time you are going to send out a blast you have to consider the fact that the subject line is not only the first thing your recipient will see, but also, it is one of the most important factors that will decide if they will open what you are sending to them, or if they will not.
Good subject lines have to be simple, clear and to the point. If the recipient is interested in what you are sending them, they will be very happy if your subject line directs them to what the email will be about.
Always make sure that when trying to sell a product, you do not make your recipients feel pressured. That will prevent them from opening your emails.
A subject line that should be avoided is one that makes the recipient feel that they are being pushed to buy something. Recipients should always feel that they have different options, and that you are informing them but not obligating them to buy anything.
Avoid exclamation signs, they tend to make recipients feel that they are being pushed to buy something. Avoid ALL CAPITAL letters, it makes clients feel that you are screaming at them. A good subject line should never be caught by spam filters that is why it is also wise to avoid words such as free, mortgage, money, etc.
Always read the subject line before sending out  the email and make sure it sounds good and appropriate, and has no grammatical and spelling errors.

Send your Clients Information that they will Treasure!

Always send information that in the interest of your customers; if you have multiple segments in your company, try to send each of your customers what they are interested in. We recommended that you segment your lists, this way it’s easier for you when you are about to send out your newsletters.
If important information is promised, grant them important information, otherwise they will begin to unsubscribe from your newsletters. If your customers see that the information is really valuable it is more likely that they will forward it to their friends and this off course is perfect for you, because your customers are promoting you and getting new subscribers to your newsletters.


Creative ways to Increase your Subscribers that receive your newsletter

One of the main goals of Email  Marketing is growing your subscriber list every day. This way, your product and /or service will be better known, and sales will increase.
Here we give some recommendations on  how to obtain and/or increase your subscribers:
1 . Business Card: In the business card of your company invite people to visit your website, to sign up to your newsletter and receive the latest news Your business card should always be at events, fairs, meetings or other events you participate in.
2. Subscription Form : Include this form in all your websites and in your newsletters . A way to place your subscription form is using a pop “pop up ” and when proceeds to close the window on your website or navigate to another page , offer the option to register their email in a popup window .
3 . Signature on emails : Include a link to the subscription form in the signature of your emails . Also, have other coworkers include it as most of the time everyone has different customers. You can put a sentence like : Want to be part of our contact list ? Click here to join.
4 . Referrals : Ask your current subscribers to invite their contacts to be part of your list , and if they do give them a discount and / or a gift as an incentive.

Email Marketing Opt-in

Here are  some tips to take them into account to maintain your opt-in email marketing (authorized), and that way your information is not considered spam.

- Offer your clients additional value to their customers by giving them something in return for giving you permission to send.
- Make sure that you actually received permission from your clients, and not just that they have purchased from you and given you their email, without them knowing that you are going to send them information.
- From your marketing team, establish a person to monitor and ensure that your databases are authorized and verified.
- In all your newsletters, always give your recipient an opportunity to respond. This way you can create a better communication with them.
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