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When I import a database (list & contacts) I get an error

When you import a database to your  EmailBrain account it is necessary to take into account the following requirements so you don't get an error:

 • The file type can be xls, txt or csv.

 • The file name can not contain spaces or unusual characters:

 For Example:

 Wrong-> my database  español.xls

                           List "35." doc

 CORRECT: mibasededatosespanol.xls


 • To import from an Excel file, the name of the worksheet where the data is, it  must meet the same features as above. Usually if it's in Spanish Excel sheet name isHoja1 and if in English the name is Sheet1

 • If you import a CVS file, you must select the correct option: comma, tab or semicolon

 By following these recommendations will be very simple to import and will not generate any error.


Send a survey to your subscribers

When you're planning your email marketing campaigns, always put yourself in the shoes of your readers. So the best thing to do is send your subscribers a survey and so you can learn more about their tastes, what they expect from your newsletters and your company.

I recommend you send 3 surveys a year so you can compare if their tastes have changed, if new subscribers are more demanding or not. But be careful not to fill them with questions, make simple and easy questions to answer and if they are in better multiple-choice. Today, everyone lives in the rush, so if they see something very long, they are not going to respond.

To send a survey from our system simply follow these steps:

To create a survey form using your subscription format, you must first create a database.

To do this, go to “Database Set Up", "Create Dataset", grant the database a name and click save. In the following 25 fields simply type the questions you want in your survey.

Save the changes and when finished click "Subscription Form " then "Set Up Form. "

In the field section select "Enable form fields” Then check each field you want to be seen in the survey when finished, click on "save."

To insert the survey in your HTML web page click on "Insert Form" just copy and paste the code into your page.

If you want to send it as a newsletter, create a new one or use an existing one. In the editor click on the icon to insert form and save your changes when finished.


How old is the data in your database?

In email marketing, it is very important that you update the emails in your mailing list. If you have had your list for more than 3 years, it is likely that some of the emails are not active or even valid anymore. It is said that old emails are not as responsive   as newly acquired emails. One way to acquire new emails is by placing the subscription form that comes with your Emailbrain account in the front end of your website.

Simple steps to update your mailing list in your Emailbrain account

1.  Access your account.

2.  Go to Mailing List

3.  Select List set up

4.  Click on Delete

Then under “delete addresses”, look for the unsubscribe  and hard bounces  email addresses and then click delete addresses.


The Most Common Errors in a Mailing List

Most people want to send effective and successful email marketing campaigns, but unfortunately many people are doing everything and not take into account the great importance of mailing lists. Remember that the greatest asset you have in email marketing is the mailing list. Without a mailing list who would you send your newsletters to? For that reason you should put emphasis on your list and maintain the quality of the same.

Here are some of the most common errors business owners make with their mailing list, and you can use them to your benefit so that you do not fall in the same trap and start to treat your list with lots of love.

 The most common errors are:

1. Buying mailing lists It is understandable that when one is starting in the world of email marketing, do not have a mailing lists and the easiest solution it is to buy one. But this is a serious error because it can bring many negative consequences. You might be asking yourself what consequences, well, the people on those lists don't know you or your business. There is a high possibility that they will report you as a spammer and this will generate spam complaints about your company that will get your account blocked. There are active anti-spam groups that monitored the email marketing world. These groups can get a hold of your email due to complaints and prevent you from sending newsletters again. Finally, many of these mailing lists contain emails that are called "spam traps", which means is that these emails are used by some companies to see who sends spam emails or uses purchase list. These emails "spam traps" are emails that have never opt-in to receive marketing email messages. So if you send one of these "spam traps", it is more likely that the your email marketing company (in this case Emailbrain) will asked opt-in proof of your entire list and block your account until you can provide this information. Since these is a purchased list you will not be able to provide the opt-in proof and your account will be canceled. So the best thing to do is create your own list. It might take a little longer, but your reputation will be clean. In the world of email marketing, having a good reputation is everything. I recommend you put a subscription form on your website, your office etc..

2. Failure to provide maintenance to your list With the passage of time, the list becomes outdated. If you have the same list for a very long time and you wish to send them again, you should be aware that they probably already have forgotten about you. Therefore, they will consider you an spammer. So do not let time go by without sending to your list. Keep it up to date and if you want, send a thank you newsletter once every 6 months. That way if they do not want to continue receiving your newsletters, your readers can have the chance to unsubscribe. Another big mistake some people make is that they create the list and not use it until years later. Use your list, do not wait until you have X amounts of emails to use it. Remember, the more time passes, readers will forget you, or that these emails would no longer be valid.

 3. Do not Forget to unsubscribe your contacts

Although in their newsletters (footer) is the option to unsubscribe, some people just answer the email saying they unsubscribe. If you receive these emails, get them removed from all lists. Make sure the email is removed and also remember that we offer the option to block emails. This will prevent you to sent by mistake.

4. Not knowing where you obtained subscribers The last great mistake made is not knowing where your subscribers came from. It is important to always know how they subscribe to your list, if it was through your website, an event or even a sale etc. .. Whenever you organize the information in your database, put it where it was obtained. Thus, if in the future, this person makes a complaint about you, you will be able to show opt-in proof of when and how they signed up. Without this information, your email marketing company (Emailbrain) can block or cancel your account. Remember not having opt-in proof of your list goes against the anti-spam rules.


The most important asset of an Internet Business

Hello everyone!

Before starting today’s topic, I would like to remind you that today we launched our New Drag and Drop Editor. So, do not hesitate to try it and would be delighted to hear your comments about this new editor. Of course, you can select which of the two editors to use, whether traditional or drag and drop. For more information read our blog from September 3rd.

The most important asset of an Internet Business If there is an accident in your office, such as a fire, an earthquake, a hurricane, etc. .. and you could only save one thing, what would you save?

Personally, I would save the list of contacts for my business, since for an internet business this is the most important asset of any business on the Internet. Why? Because if I lose this list, I would have to start building my lists from scratch and you know it takes a long time. So if you lost everything, the list of contacts will allow you to rebuild the business you had.

You can create a product, a website, but it is very difficult to rebuild a list of subscribers and gain the confidence and credibility for you and your business. If you disagree with me, leave me  your comment of what would be the most important thing to you and why, or let me know why you disagree with me.

Have a great day!


Tips on How to Make your Database Grow

-Put your subscription form on your website

-Include your subscription form on your facebook fan page

-Twitter the link of your subscription form that is inside the newsletter that you are sending.

-Place a fishbowl on your business, where people can register to win prizes.

-In every phone call with every client, ask them if they can provide you with their email so you can send them your newsletter.

-Have a pop up window in your website, where your clients can put their information to win something, and receive your newsletter frequently.

-When you get an email that bounces, send them a direct mail with an incentive if they provide you with their new email address.

-Give your employees a prize for whoever collects more opt in email addresses.

-Send your clients a gift on their birthday, if they opt in to receive your newsletters.

-In your signature, you can put a link for them to sign up.

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