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Avoid Currency Signs ($$$) in the Subject Line

You may think that a dollar --or any currency-- sign in the subject line of your message might be a clever way to promote a sale or a business. Truth is most people, including ISPs and junk mail filters, will delete your email without even finishing to read the subject line.

Like I've said before, no one likes junk mail, and your email marketing campaigns should avoid any similarities with spam.


Deliverability is controlled by the Email marketer, not by the ESP

Email Service Providers are not completely responsible for a low delivery rate. We usually think that when a mailbox is full, or you receive complaints it is  because the list or the newsletter is not clean. Sometimes certain user actions such as, the sender is sending misspelling certain words, or because the recipient felt that they did not subscribe to receive such mailing, that can make a huge difference.

 There are other factor that weight as much as the reputation of ESP involving the client sending the newsletter, such as: How clean the list is, and how clean the content of the newsletter is.

How clean the list is:

 It is very important to abstain from buying lists, make sure the people you are sending your newsletters are opt-in, it is also recommended that you have your clients update their profile, and preferences, on the type of email they wish to receive.  That way you can segment your list even more, and send your clients exclusively what they want to receive.

How clean the information inside the newsletter is:

Always emphasize the fact that your client gave you permission, it is really important to let them know that they gave you permission for you to send them emails; sometimes they will make a complaint against you simply because they do not remember that they once allowed you to send them emails. Make sure that the content you send your clients,  is content that they fully wish to receive. Make sure you always send your subscribers, information they have told you on the past, they wish to receive.


Email Marketing –The most popular Marketing Channel

Email Marketing is the most popular Marketing Channel, and here is why: •    During the second half of 2010 the DMA also found that email was the most popular online marketing tool amongst US and Canadian marketers.

•    Email makes more revenue than any other direct marketing channel. The DMA (Direct Marketing Association) determined that email marketing generated $42.08 for every dollar spent on it during 2010.

•    Research by Merkle indicates that 74% of online adults prefer email for commercial communication.

•    The Society of Digital Agencies conducted a 2011 Digital Marketing Outlook Survey.  According to the results, 70% of marketers planned on investing in email marketing.

•    According to the Radicati Group, a technical market research company (Email Statistics Report 2010 – 2014), there are over 2.9 billion active email accounts internationally – this figure is predicted to reach over 3.8 billion by 2014.


Tips on the Subject Line when sending out a newsletter

Tips for Email Marketing:

1. Be concise- Your subject line should not exceed 50 characters, and it should get to the point. Only type what is important on the email.

2. Test it before sending it out. Use our A/B split test feature to test different subject lines, and use the ones that gave you a higher open rate.

3. Personalize your subject line- Make sure to personalize it with your clients preferences, which will make them want to open the newsletter.

4. Include the name of your company- It will make your reader feel confident on what they are opening.

5. Give it a timeline- If the client sees that he/she has limited time, they will take  an action regarding the email, very quick.

6. Put yourself in your client’s shoes- As yourself, if I was my own client, would I open this email?


Viewing your newsletters on a cell phone

When you create your newsletters for email marketing campaigns, you have to consider how they will look on mobile devices. According to a survey of many, many of you so not do so. So we wanted to explain to you why you should do it. It is a simple and practical explanation and we will show it to you in the statistics. The eMarketer Daily conducted an investigation which reported that 31% of users check their emails from their mobile phones more than four times a day. 32% checked 1-3 times a day. So as you can see, there is a high percentage of people who may be receiving and seeing your bulletins on your mobile device. Email Marketing Reports also tell us the percentage of people who see the emails from your phone depending on the country: United States: 30.5% Japan: 57.1% Europe: 22.2%

Recommendations to begin creating your email marketing campaigns

Before starting to create your campaign, we want to give some recommendations that will come in handy to those who are new to the world of email marketing. If you are no longer new to the topic, you can see the recommendations and take them into account, and follow them.

Get permission opt-in- Before you begin creating your newsletters and emails make sure that they are all opt-in. Remember that you will always need to have permission from your clients to send their information.  It’s important because we do not want and are sure that you do not want your readers to mark your emails as spam and delete them without even seeing them.For more information on opt-in please click here

Plan your campaign -What do you want from your email marketing campaigns? Want to increase sales? How do you make your designs? Will you send information about products/services or promotions only? Keep in mind what your objective in the campaigns is, what your target audience is and how you want to reach to them.

Design -Plan something without  much color or text, there should always be a balance between them. Make it look very professional and catchy. Make sure you are following anti-spam rules to avoid being classified as spam by spam filters. Remember, we offer several pre-designed templates you can modify to fit your needs. Click here for more information on anti-spam rules.

Links -make sure you add links in your newsletter that take your clients to your website or other places of interest. Remember that in the stats menu, you can see who clicked on the link and there you can learn more about their customers. Before sending, check, and make sure that all links are hyperlinked to the right place. Click here for more information.

Subject line-It is the most important thing in your newsletter, so be careful on what you type in the subject line, and write something that catches their eye and makes your reader want to read the bulletin. For more information on subject lines click here

Try a / b testing- Analyze what works best, you can send two different newsletters or two different subject lines. You simply select a percentage of your list and the system will send half to one part and the other part of your list, and it will tell you which was more successful. For more information on a / b testing, click here Delivery-  Once you have proof that your email was delivered, you are advised to make several tests, send to multiple email providers before sending, and see that everything comes correctly, you can now send to your mailing list.

Report & Statistics- Once you have pressed send, you can see who opened your newsletter, who forwarded it, who clicked on your links, which were spam emails which do not exist and more. Note that you must wait 24 hours after sending your email marketing campaign to see accurate statistics. To find out how this section and that must wait 24 hours click here


Why you should not send Text Email Campaigns only

A text only email marketing campaign is not as effective as a campaign that uses HTML because it fails to compel and reinforce the intended message. It is not the same to send an email saying Summer Sale as one that has images that can put the customer's mind at ease.  Even simple designs can have a significant impact on the look and feel of an email-message.

Using images, links, colors, borders, fonts and an effective layout reinforces the main idea of the campaign because the theme makes the message easier to grasp.

 Remember you are trying to make a sell not break it. You must use everything you have on hand to make the best impact on your prospect customers.


Take your email blast to the next level

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Would you like to receive a long boring newsletter with no images or colors that draw your attention? Most likely not, you will hit the delete button without hesitation.  Not taking the time to create effective newsletters, can affect your brand and lose the opportunity to grow your customer base.

 Here is the recipe for success in email marketing:

What makes a great dish like in any other recipe is the quality of the ingredients that were used to prepare it. These are the ingredients you must keep in mind when creating your newsletter: Character, Personal, Interest,  Urgency, Clarity, and Consistency.

Character: or what we call personality is what sets you or your company apart from all the many other newsletters your customer receives. How do you add value? There are many ways to do this. You can create a contest, tell a story about your business, or even include information your customers have shared with you.

 Personal: there is nothing more misleading than receiving information from people or companies unknown to us. That is why it is important to customize your newsletter with your customer's name. When you add their name, subscribers will be more responsive to your emails because it establishes a connection between you and your customer.

Interest: Stop and think what makes you want to read an article? Those reasons are similar to the ones of your readers. You have to incite readers to open your email. The best way to do this is by creating an inviting subject line. I will suggest to  write subject lines like this "Helpful tips to consider when creating your newsletter".

Urgency: You need to give your readers a reason to take action. You can do this by having special promotions, a contest, or give an extra bonus to first few responders.

Clarity: There is nothing more upsetting for a reader than not understanding the information they have on hand. Be clear on your instructions whether you want your customer to call to receive a quote or email you for support.

 Consistency: the most important of these rules. You have to make sure your subject line is consistent with the body of the email. Remember your readers are opening the newsletter because of  information on the subject line.


Email Etiquette not a thing of the past

Your newsletter is still an email and you should maintain your email etiquette. Keep in mind these few points for the next time you send information to your customers

 -Create a subject line that is not misleading and that is accurate with the content of the email. Do not use bogus lines and DO NOT use spam liked words like “Free” or “Hot Deal” Spam filters are gauged to pick these types of words up and your customers most likely would not open your email.

 -Send to opt-in emails ONLY. Be respectful and only send to those that have subscribed to your list and want to receive your emails.

 -Be concise, remember you are not writing a novel. Customers are less likely to read your newsletter if you send out unnecessary information. You are going to lose the interest of your email list.

 - Do not write the entire email in capital letters. Customer might get the impression you are shouting. Besides it is distracting and difficult to read.

 -Proofread, proofread, proofread, I can’t count how  many times that I have received emails with misspelled words. These mistakes for small that they seemed show no respect to your readers and send the message that you do not care enough about them, and in turn they will not care to read the information you send them.

-If you are personalizing your emails make sure you are writing the right name. If you are not sure of the spelling, take the time to find out.

 Remember just follow these simple rules and I can assure you that your readers will appreciate receiving your email marketing campaigns.

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