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MarketingSherpa's Email Awards 2011: Enter to win!



MarketingSherpa publishes useful news, case studies, and best practices data about internet and integrated marketing.. 

You can say that they are quite an expert in all type of marketing stuff  including Email marketing.

Winning an award from them is quite an honor and we believe that all the Emailbrain family should participate!!!

They have a range of categories to choose from, which are:

•    Best triggered email or autoresponder series •    Best integration with other channels •    Best email list growth campaign •    Best personalization/segmentation strategy •    Best email newsletter for marketing purposes •    Best innovation (this is wide open -- surprise us!)

 Simply click  here  and you will be taken to their entry form. In this form, you will find all the information you need in order to participate, and remember all this info is in your Emailbrain’s  account. 

What happens if you win

Your email campaign will be published in the MarketingSherpa Email Awards Winners’ Showcase as well as being featured in their newsletter, you’ll receive recognition at MarketingSherpa’s 2011 Email Summit in Las Vegas and you’ll receive a badge to display on your site. All in all, it’s great publicity, has the potential to generate a lot of  traffic to your website and it is guaranteed to impress the big shots! 

Entries must be received by Friday 3rd December 2010. 

One last thing please let us know if you do enter!



Social share: Integrate your social and email marketing

I’m sure you’re up to speed on the dramatic way in which our online communications and marketing are evolving, it should be pretty clear that as online “word of mouth” social media is a must-have marketing, branding and networking tool. 

Being an email marketer, you’re probably aware that email has long been the top performing direct and online marketing channel – now I don’t know about you, but something tells me that combining these two channels (email and social media) should have quite a powerful effect…

Which is why, as promised, we’ve release a brand new way of complementing your email campaigns with your social media presence:

Social share

 This tool enables you to publish your email newsletter straight to your Twitter account (Please note that this tool was disabled, but it is available in your Emailbrain Account again).  The newsletter title with a link to your full newsletter will then automatically appear as a tweet – without you having to log into your account to manually tweet about your newsletter.  Our developers have even adding an additional gadget: GMtiny, our very own URL abbreviator.  As Twitter limits you to 140 characters per tweet, GMtiny will automatically shorten the link to your newsletter, cutting down that lengthy, unsightly URL to only a few characters.  Handy, isn’t it?

And this is only the beginning – we have extended this feature to enable you to publish across more social networks, like only on Facebook and Twitter, but also on Google, My Space, Yahoo and LinkedIn!.  Make sure to try them all, they will really help you in your email marketing campaign.

Enhance your brand presence online, increase your audience and subscribers and boost your sales by engaging more fully with potential clients – all with our new social share tool.


Extend your email marketing reach - with more social share options!

We promised you more social share options, didn't we? They’re finally here!

 We’ve extended our social share tool to enable you to share your newsletters, not only on Facebook and Twitter, but also on Google, My Space, Yahoo and LinkedIn!

Not sure what social share is?  Don’t worry, I sometimes struggle to keep up with all our new features myself. Social share is a tool that enables you to share your newsletters with your friends and followers on all the social networks I just mentioned.  Basically, you’re able to publish your newsletter to your social network profile on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  It will show up as a brief description of your newsletter along with a link to the full newsletter. 

 The handy thing is that you can now do it all from within your Emailbrain account, without having to log in and post updates on all your social accounts (and you probably have quite a few) manually.  We also have an URL shortener, that will automatically shorten the link to your newsletter for you.  It looks more appealing that way and it’s especially useful on Twitter where you’re limited to 140 characters.

 We realize how important it is in today’s marketing environment to integrate and automate your various marketing channels.  It’s the only way to stop on top of it all – email, social, mobile…  So we’re trying to make it a little easier. 

Please note: We recently announced that we were temporarily suspending the Twitter social share option due to technical difficulties.  Twitter social share is once again available along with the launch of these new social share options.


What you should keep in mind when selecting an email marketing company

When you are selecting an email marketing company, I advise you keep these points in mind: • Privacy: If you work with personal data, database of customers or partners, etc.. you can not forget to ask about this point. Make sure the company providing the services shall not assign, rent, sell or  misuse the data. • Experience: Find out what kind of experience does the company have, globally and locally. • Relationships: The candidate company should have relationships with major ISP market; know their anti-spam filters and minimum requirements. • Sending capacity: How many emails I can send at a time? Are there any limitations on the size of email? • Deliverability: What percentage of emails can be delivered? • Platform: Software to download or access to a control panel via the Internet. Value and choose the most convenient and appropriate. Remember that when  using the Internet, you can use from anywhere in the world and any computer. • Tools: Perform an analysis on the tools that a platform offers. Statistical control, image hosting, creation of newsletters, subscription form, anti-spam analysis, segmentation, etc. • Support: Is there any support? Via chat, phone, email, tickets. How do I resolve my doubts and who can I contact? • Documentation: Is there a manual for using the platform? • Price: Will you pay a monthly or quarterly? Is there an initial fee? Will I have a minimum remaining time? What is the charge?

With this small list you may value the options at that are out there, and take the right decision for your company. Remember that we are here to answer your questions and better yet, explain the benefits you have to use EmailBrain.


Place your vote for our email marketing FAQs

New Help Center voting icons

I am sure you have all had some questions about something in your Emailbrain account.  It happens when you’re working in a technical application with as many features as ours.

When you get stuck with something in Emailbrain, the quickest way to go about solving your problem is to go to our Help Center.  The Help Center covers a range of topics offering step-by-step instructions on how to solve some frequently asked questions. We offer help documents and FAQs.

The problem is that we are not sure how helpful the answers are to you as an individual user. We need your feedback so we can continuously improve on our Help Center. So we have enabled you to vote for our FAQs!   Next time you have a question, check out our Help Center and tell us if our answer was helpful or not.  We greatly appreciate our clients' feedback. 

So - to the polls! Make your vote count :)


ROI in Email Marketing is very high; it is very well worth it.

It is a really smart idea to use Email Marketing,  as your main Marketing Strategy. Not only because it is really inexpensive but also because it gives great results.

All our clients are obviously using Email Marketing, and what I want to suggest is that you take full advantage of this tool. You must tell yourself: How can I do this if I am already engaged in Email Marketing? Well, the best way to do this is to make sure that everytime you send out a newsletter, you use all the features that Emailbrain offers you such as segmenting, so you can send the newsletter to all the people that wish to receive the information.

Also, always update the content of your newsletters, and try to make them the most interesting as possible. The time you spend in creating your newsletter, will be totally worth it.

Advantages of using Emailbrain as your ESP are that we can offer you features that will be really important at the time of sending out your campaign such as a dedicated ip, and a dedicated server, we will place the unsubscribe link in the footer of your emails, and in the top too if you would like that option, we will take care of your hardbounces, and softbounces, we can offer you full reports and statistics, with your open rate, unsubscribe rate, bounce rate, click through rate, we are whilisted with major IPSs, and also we have google analytics integration, and an API integration as well.

 So we encourage you to take advantage of Email Marketing since the ROI is so high.


Some Tips

The best advice I can give for your email marketing campaign is that they must keep your newsletters entertaining, understandable and fun. Always remember to include your website (if you have one) in your newsletters, that way if your readers want to know more about your company, they can click and go to your website.

If you really want to keep your customers continually buying yourr products / services, create a strategy, such as:

• Discounts

• Free Shipping

• Gifts

You can also make your current customers recommend new customers and also give prizes / discounts for each customer they refer (Like a referral program). This is also a good strategy to grow your database.

So it's really simple to keep your customers happy, and if they are happy, that will benefit you in all ways.

So keep your newsletter updated, easy to understand, entertaining and make good deals so your clients can take advantage of them and purchase from you!

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