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What Does My Newsletter Look Like in Different Inboxes?

You can use Emailbrain’s Inbox Preview tool before sending your message to see how your newsletter will look in popular email providers, such as Outlook, Gmail, AOL, and more.

Just click ‘Inbox Preview’ under ‘Advanced Sending Options’:

Advice: Ensuring your messages are readable by any and all of your subscribers helps to improve your click through rate.

For more detailed overview, check out our video tutorials in the help center.


How to make it into Gmail's Priority Inbox

Gmail is now compartmentalizing their inbox, and as marketers, it is clear that we will now need to work harder in order to end up in the Priority Inbox of Gmail.

Here are our suggestions on your Email Marketing Campaigns to make it into the Priority Inbox of Gmail:


· Make the subject line more personal- Since inboxes are now going to be classified, you will have less chances to grab your readers' attention, so make sure your email is very targeted and personal.

· Get to the key point very quickly, don't overwhelm your clients with too much unimportant information

· Ask them politely to drag and drop your email into the priority inbox, this can also be an opportunity for you to launch a new promotion or offer of interest to them.

Our Reports section allows you to see which email addresses are Gmail, that way you are able to classify and specialize your newsletters that are being sent to your clients so that they end up being in the Priority Inbox.


Gmail’s change to their image display

Have you now noticed that when you receive an email in your Gmail, sometimes it shows the images automatically, but sometimes you have to click on display images, for them to show?

 Well, it has been a year since Gmail said that if you sent at least 2 emails, to the address that is emailing you, they will automatically download it.

As a suggestion, I strongly recommend that you monitor your sends in the Reports and Statistics Section of Emailbrain, to see if your Gmail emails are being opened without a problem. Also, it will be a great idea to use the link that Emailbrain provides at the top of the emails to reinforce the option of unsubscribing, if your client would like to do so. Furthermore, ask your clients to add your email address to their contact list and this will guarantee them receiving your emails, without getting filtered by Gmail or any other email provider.

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