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Tips on How to Make your Database Grow

-Put your subscription form on your website

-Include your subscription form on your facebook fan page

-Twitter the link of your subscription form that is inside the newsletter that you are sending.

-Place a fishbowl on your business, where people can register to win prizes.

-In every phone call with every client, ask them if they can provide you with their email so you can send them your newsletter.

-Have a pop up window in your website, where your clients can put their information to win something, and receive your newsletter frequently.

-When you get an email that bounces, send them a direct mail with an incentive if they provide you with their new email address.

-Give your employees a prize for whoever collects more opt in email addresses.

-Send your clients a gift on their birthday, if they opt in to receive your newsletters.

-In your signature, you can put a link for them to sign up.


How can you obtain more customers? How can you keep the ones you already have?

In order to obtain new customers it is important that you expose the subscription form that we provide you in your website. If you do not have a website, it is important that you gather information from new clients, you can have a printed sheet and have your clients fill out their information for you to send them tips on the industry, or send them offers, but also letting they know they are signing up to your list to receive newsletters from you.

In order to keep your current subscribers, and change their minds if they ever think about unsubscribing, you must be consistent with them, and send them a recurrent newsletter with the same frequency, either every week, every month, ever 2 weeks. Also, make sure to send an auto reply to your customers after they sign up, so they keep in their minds that they opted in to your list. And last but not least, make sure you get to know your client. Classify them, by different interests and send them only what they would like to receive. Do not over send them information that will make them unsubscribe from your list.


Downgrading and Upgrading made easy for you in Emailbrain

Are you consistent with the amount of emails that you send per month?

If you are not, this blog may be very interesting for you.

 Emailbrain in the past, was not offering the option of downgrading or upgrading your account, via online inside your Emailbrain Account, you actually had to contact the Billing Department to make these changes.

 To provide you with a better and faster service, you can now downgrade or upgrade your Emailbrain account without having to contact one of our representatives, and the best part is your change will update immediately.

All you have to do is go to your account, Click on Set up Options, then on Change Account, and you will then pick the plan that you want, and I click on Change Account. The credits that you previously had as monthly will last until one month later of your new payment.

I hope you use this feature every time you need it. Thanks for reading our blog!


How to prevent your clients from deleting your messages without reading them

Many times we think: Do clients you read our newsletter? Is the information interesting? There is nothing sadder than creating a newsletter that recipients will not read. I can assure you that you have received newsletters in your inbox that you then immediately delete without reading, or am I wrong? So I will give you a few tips that can help your clients not delete your newsletters.

  1. Be brief: Keep your newsletter very short. If it is too long, it is likely that the reader will not want to read it all, or might have too much work to read so much information. 2. Use paragraphs: Use paragraphs between one idea and another, so your newsletters are more organized and easy to understand. 3. Be Specific: No further explanation or long detours. Go to the point and say what he has to say. Use short sentences and paragraphs. So your readers understand everything immediately. 4. Use Bold: Use bold for important points, so the reader can identify the most important thing for him/her. 5. Images: Try to use images that have to do with the subject and that way the reader relates information to the image and it is easier to understand. 6. Subject: The subject line should clearly convey what is the newsletter about, and must be under 40 characters.


Ways to increase your subscribers

Ways to increase your subscribers

One of the main goals of email marketing is that our subscriber list grows every day. This way the product or service will be more known, and sales will  increase. So although I know that we have already discussed this issue in the past, today I wanted to share with you some new ideas on how to collect new subscribers, and also I will mention the ideas that I had given you.

1. Send to a friend: Always include this option, because if your newsletter is really interesting I can assure you that more than one person will re-send it to someone who is not on your list. This new contact will most likely sign up to your list.

2. Subscription Form: Include this form on all websites and in your newsletter.

3. Business Card: On your company’s business card, invite people to visit their website, to sign up to their newsletter and receive the latest news.

4. Personal contacts / business: Send an email from your e-mail to personal contacts and business contacts, inviting them to register for your mailing list on your subscription form.

5. Pop-Up Messages: When someone finished visiting your website and proceed to close the window or navigate to another page, offer the option of filing your mail in a popup.

6. Telemarketing: There are companies that specialize in doing this or you can ask someone from your company to do so. Call your current and past clients and ask for their email in order to register for the mailing list.

7. Signature in e-mails: Include a link to the subscription form in the signature of your emails. Also ask your other co-workers to include it because most of the time you all have different customers. You can put a sentence like: Do you want to be part of our contact list? Click here to join.

8. Referrals: Ask your current subscribers to invite their contacts to be part of your list, and if they do, you can give you a discount or a gift.

9. Events: You can get people to sign up to your list, in the events you will participate in, or you can invite people you talk to, to be part of your list, you can give them the business card or you can create a flyer with this information.

10. Discount Offer: You can give special discounts to people who register their list for the first time.


How to have all your Internet marketing related to all that you do.

It  is really crucial that you are consistent with your brand and your style. That is a good way that clients will get to know you. It is important that your website, your newsletter, your blogs, and even your direct mail have the same style. Many of your clients might read your blog but not visit your website, or may go to your facebook account, but may not read your blog. It is important that you have uniformity in the way your present your company towards the public and towards your clients.

The different ways people can connect to you in different ways is by:

If you provide them several ways to reach your subscription Form:

 Put a subscription form in your website

-In order to do this you can get the code that Emailbrain easily generates for you and put it in your website, or you can even place the sign up page in Facebook, or you can ask people for their email addresses when they are going to interact with your company, when they are going to purchase something ( always put the option whether they wish to be on your list or not) so you can make sure that it is opt in.

 Use social Media

-You may use Facebook, twitter to have your friends promote for you. They can invite your friends, and you can exchange them that with a reward or any type of incentive.


How to create the appropriate content of your Newsletter

Special Greetings to  all of our Blog Readers...Today's Blog will be based on: How to create the appropriate content of your Newsletter

You must dedicate a lot of time on building your newsletters content. In order for your email marketing efforts to be effective, you must be very consistent. So what is the easiest and fastest way to build your email marketing content?

1. Keep it short and simple- It is better to create a newsletter that captures your recipient's attention, and it does not necessarily have to be long. It is ok to to search information on the internet on the topic you want to talk about and expose yourself to more ideas and facts. (Always mention the source where you gathered the information from, and you can always add your personal thoughts to it).

2. Always create a brief draft- in order to keep your key ideas alive, make sure you make an outline with the important things that you do not want to forget later on. Once you have an outline, it is very easy to come up with the whole newsletter or blog posting.

3. It is important to talk about the industry in general as well as your company too. Many companies focus on talking at all times on their company rather than the industry, and it is ok to talk about your company, but you should always add as a complement tips and facts on the trends and direction that the industry is going, that will engage the reader even more.

4. Use email marketing as a bridge to your old communications or postings,.It is ok to write a blog on different things such as  your old articles, your old blogs, and even link your new newsletters from things that you previously used. The idea is to get your information exposed to your clients in many different ways, so that way your information will reach them faster.

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