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The most important asset of an Internet Business

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Before starting today’s topic, I would like to remind you that today we launched our New Drag and Drop Editor. So, do not hesitate to try it and would be delighted to hear your comments about this new editor. Of course, you can select which of the two editors to use, whether traditional or drag and drop. For more information read our blog from September 3rd.

The most important asset of an Internet Business If there is an accident in your office, such as a fire, an earthquake, a hurricane, etc. .. and you could only save one thing, what would you save?

Personally, I would save the list of contacts for my business, since for an internet business this is the most important asset of any business on the Internet. Why? Because if I lose this list, I would have to start building my lists from scratch and you know it takes a long time. So if you lost everything, the list of contacts will allow you to rebuild the business you had.

You can create a product, a website, but it is very difficult to rebuild a list of subscribers and gain the confidence and credibility for you and your business. If you disagree with me, leave me  your comment of what would be the most important thing to you and why, or let me know why you disagree with me.

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How to have all your Internet marketing related to all that you do.

It  is really crucial that you are consistent with your brand and your style. That is a good way that clients will get to know you. It is important that your website, your newsletter, your blogs, and even your direct mail have the same style. Many of your clients might read your blog but not visit your website, or may go to your facebook account, but may not read your blog. It is important that you have uniformity in the way your present your company towards the public and towards your clients.

The different ways people can connect to you in different ways is by:

If you provide them several ways to reach your subscription Form:

 Put a subscription form in your website

-In order to do this you can get the code that Emailbrain easily generates for you and put it in your website, or you can even place the sign up page in Facebook, or you can ask people for their email addresses when they are going to interact with your company, when they are going to purchase something ( always put the option whether they wish to be on your list or not) so you can make sure that it is opt in.

 Use social Media

-You may use Facebook, twitter to have your friends promote for you. They can invite your friends, and you can exchange them that with a reward or any type of incentive.

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