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Now live: Share your email newsletters on Facebook!

Remember when I told you all about how important it is to integrate your email marketing with social media?  And then, we made live our Social Share feature – a tool that allowed you to automatically publish a link to your newsletter on Twitter. 

You can now extend your email reach to include your Facebook friends and fans.

It’s simple.  Just like with the Twitter social share, you simply select which newsletter it is you want to share on Facebook, and a link to the newsletter will be posted on your wall along with a brief description of the newsletter.  It’s perfect for enticing more friends to sign up for your newsletter, or simply to share the information in your newsletter with them.

Log into your account and try it out!


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As you may know, the websites and are on its boom. So why not capitalize on this and make the most of these social networks?

Create a fan page for your business on Facebook and Twitter, invite your contacts to join and ask them to invite their contacts. This will also help to promote their newsletters, because that way, they can put the links of these bulletins, and on these pages. You can also ask the new fans who are interested in receiving information in their emails to register to your subscription form; this will make your list grow even more.

Actually, you can take advantage of these social networks not only to gain new customers but also to promote their e-marketing newsletters.


12 points to take into account

Today, I would like  to share with you 12 points that for me are very important when making email marketing campaigns, there are short but certainly very helpful if you follow them:

1. Add your website

 2. Always include the link to unsubscribe / subscribe / forward to a friend. (Emailbrain does this for you by default)

3. Be consistent in your sends.

4. Use templates

5. Use flashy subject lines

6. Use from names / emails that are recognized by recipients.

7. Personalize

8. Make promotions

9. Create interesting links

10. Use auto-responders

11. Do not use red in your text

12. Avoid being seen as spam

Have a great remaning of the week!!!


Link with Intelligence!

Links are great, especially when the links are pointing to your website. However, make sure you are linking to related sites. Give readers links that are connected to interesting content that you think will benefit them, inform them or entertain them in any way possible.

When you place the link, create a comment that will make them want to press this link, and this will also prove to your readers that you really are an expert on the subject.

Finally be careful not to link to pages with content that is not related to your company. Since this can annoy your readers, and remember that they were registered to receive your information and not see one that may not be interested.


Are your clients overwhelmed by your emails?

A great tip is to always compare how often you send your clients emails with the amount of unsubscribe you have for that specific period of time. If you see that when you send emails too often, the unsubscribe rate goes up, then that means that they are not liking the fact that you are sending them emails too often, and after a while more and more clients will unsubscribe. I suggest you try to keep your clients by not saturating them with too much information.


As a personal experience, I would like to tell you that I subscribed to receive email from a particular brand that I love, well let me tell you, it was insane, I would receive an email every day, I ended up unsubscribing. So, they would have kept me as a subscriber if they did not saturate my inbox, but unfortunately, they did.

Every time you are ready to send an email blast, make sure that put yourself in your subscriber's place, and make sure you would not mind receiving that email too soon from the last one you sent out. If you think that they will not feel annoyed, because there was a reasonable period of time between the last email and the one you are about to send, then go for it!

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