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SMS marketing to your campaign for higher open rates

Mobile device use is continuing to rise in popularity, and Emailbrain has the mobile marketing tools to stay ahead of the curve. SMS marketing is a powerful and to-the-point means of marketing to an always-on consumer.

To begin, click on the 'Mobile/SMS' tab at the top of the dashboard and select 'SMS/Text Messages' from the left navigation menu.

Have you sent bulk text messages to your clients before? Tell us your story with a comment below. Or have any fresh ideas? Comment below!


How can you define direct marketing success without testing?

A lot of small businesses focus on creating sales campaigns and forget that the best way to reach goals is to make sure you are delivering what your clients really want. With that in mind, the key elements of a successful campaign are to test, test, and test and then measure the results. Marketers often struggle to meet all the deadlines for each email blast, monthly newsletter, and social media updates, not to mention all the other things in between. In this frenzy marketing mix, few take the moment to ask themselves, “Did we remember to test what we're doing?”

Why aren't marketers testing?

Most people focus on how time consuming it is to create a test than just to create the campaign alone. Even the simplest test requires modifications of some sort and this can take a lot of taught and planning. However; the payback can bring a higher return than just emailing your campaign. By testing, you can find out if future campaigns would work as good as they should.

The take away

Smart marketers should always test and the best way to do this is by doing an A/B test. Legendary retailer John Wanamaker once said, “Half of my advertising is wasted, I just wish I knew which half.” Not only does testing improve the campaign that you are testing, but it can also lead to new ideas that will make the next promotion more effective from the start.


What you should keep in mind when selecting an email marketing company

When you are selecting an email marketing company, I advise you keep these points in mind: • Privacy: If you work with personal data, database of customers or partners, etc.. you can not forget to ask about this point. Make sure the company providing the services shall not assign, rent, sell or  misuse the data. • Experience: Find out what kind of experience does the company have, globally and locally. • Relationships: The candidate company should have relationships with major ISP market; know their anti-spam filters and minimum requirements. • Sending capacity: How many emails I can send at a time? Are there any limitations on the size of email? • Deliverability: What percentage of emails can be delivered? • Platform: Software to download or access to a control panel via the Internet. Value and choose the most convenient and appropriate. Remember that when  using the Internet, you can use from anywhere in the world and any computer. • Tools: Perform an analysis on the tools that a platform offers. Statistical control, image hosting, creation of newsletters, subscription form, anti-spam analysis, segmentation, etc. • Support: Is there any support? Via chat, phone, email, tickets. How do I resolve my doubts and who can I contact? • Documentation: Is there a manual for using the platform? • Price: Will you pay a monthly or quarterly? Is there an initial fee? Will I have a minimum remaining time? What is the charge?

With this small list you may value the options at that are out there, and take the right decision for your company. Remember that we are here to answer your questions and better yet, explain the benefits you have to use EmailBrain.


Now live: Share your email newsletters on Facebook!

Remember when I told you all about how important it is to integrate your email marketing with social media?  And then, we made live our Social Share feature – a tool that allowed you to automatically publish a link to your newsletter on Twitter. 

You can now extend your email reach to include your Facebook friends and fans.

It’s simple.  Just like with the Twitter social share, you simply select which newsletter it is you want to share on Facebook, and a link to the newsletter will be posted on your wall along with a brief description of the newsletter.  It’s perfect for enticing more friends to sign up for your newsletter, or simply to share the information in your newsletter with them.

Log into your account and try it out!


What makes Email Marketing so effective.

Email Marketing, not only is the most inexpensive way of Marketing but also it has many advantages when compared to traditional marketing.  Traditional marketing such as direct mail is declining because of its high costs in printing, and delivering, as well as with newspapers, magazines, and flyers. A website is never as direct as an email marketing message, since the website has information written on it but the email can be more specific as to what the client is looking for. When a company advertises through radio or even television, their message is being exposed to anyone, without previous segmenting of who really wants to see/read or receive the message.

Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and even blogs can unite us with our customers, but it is only interesting to people who are in sync with events that are coming up very soon. The ROI on Email Marketing is very high compared with other sources of Marketing. Another advantage of Email Marketing is that is that you can send the email whenever you want to, and as soon as your recipient checks their invoice, they will receive the message that you are sending them. Another aspect that favors email marketing is the ability to segment what each group of your clients wants to receive or is interested in.  A great way of Marketing now a days: Email Marketing.

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