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  • Make sure you use the subscription form feature that EmailBrain offers . Also, be sure to post it on your website where it is very visible. Do not just put it on the home page of your website, put it in all pages of your website if possible.
  • EmailBrain also provides you with the feature called " forward to a friend" , so if your customers see that your information is interesting, they can forward it to your friends . Once these friends receive it and really see that they are interested, they can sign up to be on your list.
  • Encourage your customers to register on your list by giving something back . It may be giving them the option to enter or raffle , or by letting them know that they will receive benefits like discounts and /or promotions.
  • Use an appropriate amount of fields in your subscription form . Doing it too long , will make your customer leave .
  • Educate your customers or future customers using different media such as Facebook , Twitter , Blogs and Articles , so your customers can know how to follow you and being updated with latest events of your company.
  • Make sure you have a privacy policy on your website . This way you can assure your customers that their information will not be given to third parties.
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