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Send email marketing campaigns with Outlook or Outlook Express

Some customers have told us:

"We sually send campaigns using our Outlook and let it send to the address book throughout the night or the weekend." This is one of the most common mistakes when someone starts using the method of email marketing. Using Outlook or Outlook Express can be very expensive and will generate problems that are important.

Pros of using the Outlook email marketing: None

Cons of using Outlook in a campaign:

1. The Outlook is unable to send emails in multi-part: this means that only sends HTML and if a recipient can not read the message in html, you will not see either in plain text content. 2. The Outlook sends the images attached: Many anti-spam servers stop mass mailings that bring images attached 3. There is no kind of report: The Outlook was not designed to obtain and generate statistics and reports. No records deliveries, opens, clicks, forwards, low or bouncing. The user is completely blind. 4. Your ISP (service provider) will detect bulk mail and use the bandwidth for sending emails, it may suspend your account immediately. Many ISPs limit the amount of emails per hour. The ideal alternative for email marketing campaigns is certainly correct to use a SaaS (software as a service) as EmailBrain. Through a control panel the customer can create newsletters, manage your databases, send your campaigns to millions of recipients and evaluate the results. Most important is the low cost from $ 9.95 a month you can send up to 2000 emails.


Outlook 2010 will originate errors when receiving emails that contain HTML code like Outlook 2007.

The whole problem with Outlook and HTML code not being compatible started in 2007. Then, it has been hard to create a newsletter, since most HTML newsletters generate bugs in Outlook 2007. And, this is a huge problem, because nowadays most business people use outlook as their work email.

 Even though there has been many criticism involved with outlook 2007, because of the problem mentioned above, they announced they will be using the same engine.

 So, my advice to you is that you always use our test feature, before sending out your Email Marketing Campaign, that is the only way you will make sure that there is not a problem with your newsletter, when being received by Microsoft Outlook.

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