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Tips on the Subject Line when sending out a newsletter

Tips for Email Marketing:

1. Be concise- Your subject line should not exceed 50 characters, and it should get to the point. Only type what is important on the email.

2. Test it before sending it out. Use our A/B split test feature to test different subject lines, and use the ones that gave you a higher open rate.

3. Personalize your subject line- Make sure to personalize it with your clients preferences, which will make them want to open the newsletter.

4. Include the name of your company- It will make your reader feel confident on what they are opening.

5. Give it a timeline- If the client sees that he/she has limited time, they will take  an action regarding the email, very quick.

6. Put yourself in your client’s shoes- As yourself, if I was my own client, would I open this email?

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