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Never Promise your Subscribers Something that you will Never Meet....

Good morning to all!!!

As you all know today the world cup has started, and we want to be part of the world cup celebration. So simply comment in our Facebook/Twitter page who you think will win the world cup, and in one month we will give the winners 2,000 XC for FREE! If you comment back with more than one country we will only take in account the first option you gave. So let the bets begging!


If you have your contacts/customers register to your mailing lists to receive information from you, send only information about you and the information you promised that you will send them. They do not start sending advertising other companies, or information that is not related to your company or information that they did not ask from your company.

If you promise a newsletter of your products / services send them this newsletter. If you promise a discount every 15 days, send these newsletters discount every 15 days.

Always follow what you say and so customers know that your company is serious and has a commitment.

Have a great weekend, and remember to  comment saying who you believe the winner will be in the south africa 2010 world cup!


Differentiate Promotions with Informative Campaigns

When a company first implements email marketing strategies, the first thing that comes to their mind are email promotions. Basically, when somebody buys your product or service, you tend to put something like "tick here to be added to our mailing list".

Many companies, once they obtain permission from their clients, they will start only sending promotional emails to their clients, and they forget about the informative emails. When you send a promotion your are not really building a long term relationship (which is what email marketing is about). While promotions are geared towards making a quick sale, an Informative Newsletter is usually design to provide your clients with information, which they will value, and get attached to your company. Make sure that when you send a promotional email, your clients have opted in to receive your emails, and not only to receive your email newsletters. Because chances are they will probably feel tricked.

It is really important that you know the difference between signing up for a promotional email, or signing up for a email newsletter, in which you are expecting to receive information on the industry that you signed up for or the company. Make sure you send your clients what you wish to receive, and do not offend them by sending the promotions that they do not wish to receive.

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