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View Reports to Track Your Campaign

Once you have created your newsletter and sent your message, view reports on open rates, click through rates, and share rates from your campaign.

Our reporting tools make it easy to decipher key performance indicators in your campaign, and then use these insights to improve on future sends. Get started by clicking ‘Reports’ and ‘View by Send’.

The reports dashboard shows you all the most important categories that help you gauge the success of your send. Here you can see how many of your mails were delivered, how many of them bounced, how many were opened, and how your subscribers clicked through them. You can even compare your results to your industry’s benchmarks for email marketing campaigns.

Emailbrain’s reporting tools even tell you:

  • Where in the world people open your mail
  • When they read and engage with your message
  • What operating system and browser they used

This information is perfect for further segmenting of your subscribers and building clearer demographic stats for your future marketing communications.

For step by step help on how to read your reports, check out this video from our Emailbrain help center.


Measure Results

In Email Marketing, it is extremely important to measure the results of your campaigns in order to know if what you are doing is correct or if you should change your strategy. You should ask yourself when you are reviewing reports and statistics the following:

• What kind of newsletters are my clients opening more? Informational / promotional • At what time do they get opened more? • What geographic location is more responsive to my content? • Are they clicking more on a specific topic? • How many emails were opened? • Were there any forwards?

After analyzing these questions and answering them you can see if you are doing it right or if you should make any changes to your email marketing plan. You can do this with each of your sends or select certain sends and analyze them thoroughly. The important thing is that your email marketing goals are being met and you do the necessary to make this happen.

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