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It is all about good service

Last night I was cleaning my inbox from all those unwanted emails, that I'm sure we all received, and realize that not many marketers take the time to thank their clients for their business.  We as marketers are so focus on selling that we forget that besides giving out discounts what really gets a person to buy is the level of service a company provides.

So from now on we recommend that you should include in your marketing mix, campaigns that develop customer loyalty. Loyalty campaigns will separate your emails from the bunch and will transcend the level of support that you currently offer to your customers, to your promotions. Always consider your audiences when creating the campaign because knowing who your clients are, it’s what separates you from those who give meaningless thanks. It shows that your company actually cares.

With that tough in mind, don't forget to thank your customers this holiday season for being your loyal customers and subscribers. Remember marketing campaigns are all about building long term relationships with your customers.


Great Customer Service!

In order to achieve a good understanding of your customer’s needs you would have to consider the following:

Compromise: Offer second to none and personalized customer service that is above and beyond to what your clients expect will make your company more successful.

Listen to your clients: All companies, even if they are small companies or large corporations, must listen to what they clients want and have to say. It is recommended to find out what is important for them, what influences their decisions, and how you could help them at the time of making a decision, when they are ready to make a purchase.

Analyze: Is your newsletter having the success you expected?   You could understand your subscribers much better if you know what they think of your information, if they find it useful or not. Send them a survey, or ask them what they think of the information your currently send them.


Sending good newsletters means having a good relationship with your clients.

When you start sending interesting newsletters to you clients, most probably it is because you wish to have a good, lasting relationship with them. Or Am I wrong? So, in order for that to happen, you should always try to give the most accurate and complete information possible.

Here are some tips so you can send great newsletters, and maintain good relationships with your clients:

1. Personalize your newsletters: A greeting can make the difference. Starting your newsletter, with Hi Maria, or Dear Maria, makes your clients feels thankful, because they will know you are going the extra mile to please them.

2. Become an expert in what you are doing: When you write your newsletter, make sure you reflect how knowledgeable you are when you talk to your clients.

3. Send valuable information: Send information that will make your clients interested in your newsletters, segment your list, and also you can send them specific information that they wish to receive too.

4. Be consistent your newsletter: If you are going to start a newsletter with a first person, do not change it to third person all of a sudden. Also, write fun words, so it doesn't become boring after a while.

5. Send Frequency: Do not send more than one newsletter in a short period of time, because you clients will start getting bored of them.

 I really hope these 5 advices help you a lot when you are writing your newsletters.

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