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A small reminder on what is opt-in and what not to do

Before you begin reading this blog, it is very important in Email Marketing to use opt in method. What is opt-in? Opt-in is the act of agreeing by email or other means, such as subscription form, to receive marketing email messages or giving to a particular individual or company website that gives you permission to send their emails.

 And knowing what opt-in is, I want to explain several scenarios that are not considered opt-in subscribers:

1. Clients left their business card- if someone gives you his business card that does not mean they want to start receiving your newsletters. So be careful, if you want this person to receive your newsletter, you can ask or say very sincerely if they are interested, you can register their information on your subscription form.

2. People that as company - Some people are just accompanying his friends / family to buy a product and are asked for their data but never established for what. If you do not tell them that they will be receiving emails, these are NOT opt-in because they were not giving permission to receive the newsletters.

3. Buyers in physical stores - Many people who visit stores, can show interest in the products and could have made a purchase thoroughly, but this does NOT mean they want to receive the newsletters.

4. Word of mouth - If someone you know tells you that a friend wants to receive your newsletters, this does NOT mean that they are opt-in. The person who wants to receive should subscribe to their website or send an email requesting to be part of your list.

5. Events - When your business is at a trade show or an event, those interested can stop by your booth and fill out a form. This does NOT mean they want to receive your newsletters. 

I can advise you to have a computer with the subscription form ready, and ask people who visit your stand if they’re interested in more information, please subscribe.

If at this time you have many subscribers, as I mentioned I would advise using the method of double opt-in, where you add them through the subscription form on your website, and the system will send an email to them where they need to press a link to ratify that they want to be a part of your mailing list.

This way, people who are genuinely interested in receiving your newsletters will receive them.

To set the emails of double opt-in subscription form go to your account.

You might wonder why it is so important that they are opt-in. It is important because we do not want people to take your emails as spam and delete them without even seeing them. If not registered to your list, and they receive your emails, they can bring a complaint that the information you send is spam, and when a complaint is received the user's account is blocked.

 When this happens we will ask for opt-in proof. If you can show that the person who made the complaint registered to receive your newsletter, we will simply block the person from your list and unlock your account.

 If you cannot prove that this person had opted-in, your account will remain blocked and you must send opt-in testing to its entire list. If you give us proof that the rest of your list is opt-in then we can unlock the account, but this person will stay blocked on your list, and in case your list is not opt-in then we can cancel your account.

Receiving complaints is very serious because the servers you use and other users use to submit their email marketing campaigns are blocked, and we must demonstrate that the lists if they are opt-in, and if we do not, the use of that server is  prohibited.  

Emailbrain governed by the rules of The Coalition Against Unsolicited E-mail and FTC's CAN-SPAM Law.


Email Etiquette not a thing of the past

Your newsletter is still an email and you should maintain your email etiquette. Keep in mind these few points for the next time you send information to your customers

 -Create a subject line that is not misleading and that is accurate with the content of the email. Do not use bogus lines and DO NOT use spam liked words like “Free” or “Hot Deal” Spam filters are gauged to pick these types of words up and your customers most likely would not open your email.

 -Send to opt-in emails ONLY. Be respectful and only send to those that have subscribed to your list and want to receive your emails.

 -Be concise, remember you are not writing a novel. Customers are less likely to read your newsletter if you send out unnecessary information. You are going to lose the interest of your email list.

 - Do not write the entire email in capital letters. Customer might get the impression you are shouting. Besides it is distracting and difficult to read.

 -Proofread, proofread, proofread, I can’t count how  many times that I have received emails with misspelled words. These mistakes for small that they seemed show no respect to your readers and send the message that you do not care enough about them, and in turn they will not care to read the information you send them.

-If you are personalizing your emails make sure you are writing the right name. If you are not sure of the spelling, take the time to find out.

 Remember just follow these simple rules and I can assure you that your readers will appreciate receiving your email marketing campaigns.


The Most Common Errors in a Mailing List

Most people want to send effective and successful email marketing campaigns, but unfortunately many people are doing everything and not take into account the great importance of mailing lists. Remember that the greatest asset you have in email marketing is the mailing list. Without a mailing list who would you send your newsletters to? For that reason you should put emphasis on your list and maintain the quality of the same.

Here are some of the most common errors business owners make with their mailing list, and you can use them to your benefit so that you do not fall in the same trap and start to treat your list with lots of love.

 The most common errors are:

1. Buying mailing lists It is understandable that when one is starting in the world of email marketing, do not have a mailing lists and the easiest solution it is to buy one. But this is a serious error because it can bring many negative consequences. You might be asking yourself what consequences, well, the people on those lists don't know you or your business. There is a high possibility that they will report you as a spammer and this will generate spam complaints about your company that will get your account blocked. There are active anti-spam groups that monitored the email marketing world. These groups can get a hold of your email due to complaints and prevent you from sending newsletters again. Finally, many of these mailing lists contain emails that are called "spam traps", which means is that these emails are used by some companies to see who sends spam emails or uses purchase list. These emails "spam traps" are emails that have never opt-in to receive marketing email messages. So if you send one of these "spam traps", it is more likely that the your email marketing company (in this case Emailbrain) will asked opt-in proof of your entire list and block your account until you can provide this information. Since these is a purchased list you will not be able to provide the opt-in proof and your account will be canceled. So the best thing to do is create your own list. It might take a little longer, but your reputation will be clean. In the world of email marketing, having a good reputation is everything. I recommend you put a subscription form on your website, your office etc..

2. Failure to provide maintenance to your list With the passage of time, the list becomes outdated. If you have the same list for a very long time and you wish to send them again, you should be aware that they probably already have forgotten about you. Therefore, they will consider you an spammer. So do not let time go by without sending to your list. Keep it up to date and if you want, send a thank you newsletter once every 6 months. That way if they do not want to continue receiving your newsletters, your readers can have the chance to unsubscribe. Another big mistake some people make is that they create the list and not use it until years later. Use your list, do not wait until you have X amounts of emails to use it. Remember, the more time passes, readers will forget you, or that these emails would no longer be valid.

 3. Do not Forget to unsubscribe your contacts

Although in their newsletters (footer) is the option to unsubscribe, some people just answer the email saying they unsubscribe. If you receive these emails, get them removed from all lists. Make sure the email is removed and also remember that we offer the option to block emails. This will prevent you to sent by mistake.

4. Not knowing where you obtained subscribers The last great mistake made is not knowing where your subscribers came from. It is important to always know how they subscribe to your list, if it was through your website, an event or even a sale etc. .. Whenever you organize the information in your database, put it where it was obtained. Thus, if in the future, this person makes a complaint about you, you will be able to show opt-in proof of when and how they signed up. Without this information, your email marketing company (Emailbrain) can block or cancel your account. Remember not having opt-in proof of your list goes against the anti-spam rules.


Yahoo / Spam

Today, I want to talk about how Yahoo handles spam, and how does this affect the sender when sending an email marketing campaign.

Yahoo is one of the largest email providers in the world, with over 300 million users globally. So this company must take strict measures for its service to remain being the best and not creating problems for their users, they usually generate several situations that affect the reputation of the senders. Please keep this in mind the following points when you are going to send your newsletter, so that your emails are not blocked and you do not get fame of being a spammer. • Unexpected increases in the volume of emails from specific IP address. This can be considered a spam attack. • A high number of emails sent directly to the trash without being opened. • The campaigns should always be sent with the same email address. • A high percentage of users clicking the spam button to an email received. • Use a customized subject line, for example, put the name of the client. This can be considered as spam because most spammers use it as art.


Unsubscribers and Spam

 It is vital that you pay attention to the percentage of unsubscribers and spam.

Constantly review emails sent before and have had low performance on these two points: unsubscribers and spam. Consider what could have caused a low percentage of recipients. To do this I recommend you do the following:

• Make time to discover what topics are of interest to its subscribers.

• Send a survey of various topics and interests and give them the opportunity to write their topics of interest. You may also ask them the reasons why they would unsubscribe to your list, so you can analyze more thoroughly why the other readers did.

Remember that if your percentage of spam is high, your emails can start being blocked. So make sure your lists are all opt-in, follow the basic standards when creating your newsletters and remember not to buy databases.


Have you been wanting to purchase a list?

You should pay close attention to today's blog. It is really important that you adhere to these simple rules.

Some companies think about buying lists to easily make an impact on their number of recipients in a quick and easy manner. Generally, when companies try to sell you a list, they tell you that the list is so good, and that it will help your company so much, but in reality, it will only mess up the reputation of your company. As a consequence, your emails instead of reaching the inbox, they will start going into the bulk email folder.

People who do not know you will not like your emails, and as a consequence, will mark you as spam. Purchased lists are also full of Spam Traps ( which are email addresses that Internet Service Providers create to confirm that you are a spammer using purchased lists), which will make you look like a top spammer if you send to those. Also, they will contain many invalid email addresses with invalid domains, or email addresses that never even existed.

The best way to grow your list is by using the subscription form that we provide to you, when you get an account with Emailbrain. This will truly grow your list, and it will not be fake growth, in which you think your recipients are growing but in reality, people are simply getting upset with your company, if you send unsolicited emails.

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